Thursday, 23 December 2010

I Am Prettier When...

I'm sick. Walai, it may sound strange but it's true. I've had the mother of all flu for the past one week but as weak as I felt, whenever I look in the mirror I see a prettier me. Sparkling eyes and clearer skin. I just don't understand. I've started feeling better now but I'm not looking forward to getting the 'normal' Parakeet look back. I want the 'pretty-sick' Parakeet look.

In other news, I gathered from a friend that most women tend to just marry a guy they are not wholly happy with because it is far more important to be married and have kids than to worry 'too' much about the guy because 'really most men are the same'. She told me, "Parakeet do not be deceived it is the way it goes". I guess that's what you get when you take your relationship problems to someone who is enduring their marriage rather than enjoying it. Me I will not marry until I am more happy than unhappy with my partner, whether I'm being reasonable or not, I shall sleep on my bed the way I lay it. Each to their own and God for us all.

Merry Christmas to my wonderful blogville family. Please share some cheer this season and God bless you all.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I am such a drama queen

...emotionally i.e. My close friends must be fed up with my up and down, my going and coming. Even I am fed up with myself.

What am I talking about? I gat no clue. I made a decision a few days back. One I was certain I wasn't going to change and I have announced it to all who cared to listen. 72 hours later, I seem to be buckling. I haven't made a 100% turnaround but I think I'm going to make the turn eventually.

Which begs the question, does Parakeet really know what she wants? Or is she simply wanting too much? If I was to bother answering that question, I'd say 'Yes I do know what I want but I am not getting it from who, where or what I want it from. Hence the conflict. So what to do? Search me.

Watch this space.