Friday, 27 February 2009

Multi-Dating My Foot

Truth be told, I cant crack this multi-dating thing...that's the update.

How are you my very own peoples. I must first pay homage to whom homage is due. I say thank you for counting me worthy enough to still come round and read my rants even though I have been slack in my duties of timely updates and blog rounds. I also wanna say a massive thank you to those who have made my buddy RocNaija to feel rather welcome to our family. Kudos also to the brains behind Naija Bloggers Award. Una do well.

My adept followers will know about my resolve to go multi-dating in order to find THE ONE. Well Stop Press: Parakeet is still very much single. The multi-dating thing has not worked for two plausible reasons, one because I actually never got round to doing it and two because I just don’t get attracted to guys no more. Ehn…I don’t get attracted to girls either before you start thinking all those naughty thoughts. Even though I agreed to give both leggedese benz and mercedes benz brothers a chance for a date with moi, I just couldn't bring myself to follow up after such dates. There was just no motivation or energy even though for the most part these guys are perfect gentlemen.

I have decided to give up on dating and give up on men until I can reasonably start to 'feel' again. At least am not doing what most women do and blame men for my woes. I am just putting my hands up here to say that I am emotionally barren at the moment and no need leading a guy on who may just happen to have genuine interest. In the meantime though I shall be searching for answers as to why and how I got here. Has anyone out there been here before? Do we have a shrink in the house whom Parakeet may just speak to?

A girl needs some help here. I'm out in peace. Be back soon so have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Would My Top Five Make Yours?

Hi everyone, hope I meet you well. Since I've been unable to blog I got someone new to blogville who is guest blogging for me today. Below is his ingenuity.

So she said.. "you're actually a good writer.. U ever considered blogging before?"
And I said..
"Thought about it once but never got round to doing it.. Besides who would read anyways..?''
"You should try it sometime.. You'll be surprised.."
"Really? Hmm.. Maybe I should guestblog for u and see how it goes" I said, jokingly
"Yeah sure! Not a problem.."

So two months later, its
RocNaija guestblogging for TheParakeet.

Amazing how the most 'off-the-cuff' conversations, strike a chord sometimes..
I tend to have mixed emotions when I talk 'off-the-cuff' with my people..
Ranges from being nostalgic.. to 'hmm-never-did-that-before'.. To 'I'm-glad-that-never-happened-to-me'

So I came up with a list.. Should be longer than it is but as we're in an era of downsizing..

The heat.. and mosquitoes.
I hate it when I'm in subzero degrees somewhere and the weatherwoman comes on saying ' still icy winds across europe.. But lagos is 30.. Abuja 35'And that buzz in ur ear.. The one where u slap yourself cos your half asleep.. Priceless!

When we were younger it was ''up! Nepa!'' But as the years piled on, we took to whispering 'oh nepa' in exasperation. Still... Better than saying ''oh phcn!'' (always thought they left out the vowels intentionally ;-) )

Yeah.. Odd one I know. But it's the first thing u notice when ur out of Naija for a bit..No okada's whizzing past with lorry horns attached.. No danfo's on pedestrian kerbs horns blaring.. No molues at breakneck speeds playing tunes with their horns..
Nothing.. Just absolute silence

The comedy skits.. The saxophone.. the enigma.. Nuff said.

Blowjob on kuramo beach..
Where did that come from? Heady akoka days & ranks under the never-did-that category.
If u want that story, you'll have to
click here.

So there u have it folks..

So what would u take off my list and swap with something else?
RocNaija signing off..

Monday, 9 February 2009

9 Days into February Happy New Month

'Iwo yi laro' (cant translate, soz) you Yorubas will say but I can only say make una no vex. I've been tied down with moving and stuff so no time to update or to reply to comments. I have been on the road a lot for someone who wants to stay indoors because of the cold. My mobile has become my best friend but unfortunately I couldnt update blogger from it. Imagine after taking time to type all the response to comments and the publish link just failed to activate. Google take note.

When I get a bit settled I promise to do my blog rounds and to update but for now just to let you know that I'm alive and well.

Have a good month everyone.