Friday, 29 May 2009

OMG! I Chatted Up A Bloke

Hi my very peeps. Hope everyone is fine o. Well you dont have a choice, it's Friddaaaaaaaaaaay! So what's the reason for my excitement? It's simple, Parakeet chatted up a dude. As in I couldn't believe myself. It was on the Jubilee line platform and there was just me and him there. There was this uneasy air of silence around us and am like whaddaheck say hi, but I didn't. Instead I said "why are you so dressed up on a Friday"? He looked at me bemused but smiled and said "it's for work" so I asked him where he works cos work places dress down on Fridays. Turns out the reason he was all suited up was because he worked in bank. Oh well I know my chat up line was dull but eh you gotta give me credit for plucking up courage in the first place. In fact I did well for something I didn't intend to do in the first place...abi?

Anyway the rest was history jare. Found out he lived in the posher part of my neighbourhood, originally from Ghana and blablabla. At least he was gentleman enough to not let me ask for his number (Not that I was going to) but hey we parted with numbers when he asked. Am I gonna see him if he calls for a date? I dont know cos I have my hands full at the moment. You remember those two guys Tee and Kim, dont you? Dem still dey there o. I've been trying to jabo Tee but the guy dey persistent no be small so the battle continues.

Ehm... quick random question. Since there are more and more men these days lying about their marital status for the sake of some nookie I've been thinking it may be down to the fact that we now frown so much on polygamy. Of cos I may be totally wrong but hey it doesn't stop me from wondering that 'if guys had the clear choice to take second wives and so on as it was the norm back in the days, would they go outright and just do it rather than lie and cheat?' Please whatever your answer is must be backed up with reasons and inferences drawn from real life situations if possible. Thanks for being my panel of professors on this matter...hehehehe.

Abeg am outta here, enjoy your weekend lovely people.

Monday, 18 May 2009

How Did I Get Here?

How are you my lovely peeps. Hope I meet you all in peace. As for y'all in Nija how are you coping with the fuel scarcity? That news made me tore up my move back to Nija plans o. Who's gonna queue in the scorching sun to buy fuel? No be me, mba. My yansh is staying in London for now.

Talking about yansh two guys are after my yansh o and I like them both so what do I do? If you guys dont answer me sharp sharp am gonna end up with two boyfriends o. See the two of them are different. One is 6ft 1inch tall and has the darkest beautiful skin I've seen in a while. Lets call him Tee. The other one I'm gonna call Kim is only about 5ft 6 inches tall (I think I tower above him just a lil) but he oozes the kind of sexiness I've not come across in a long time. Kim and I share more interests than Tee and I share and Kim is more socially & upwardly mobile than Tee. As in Kim and I can talk everything from politics to the latest sex position while at most Tee and I can talk Football and US foreign policy. 

They're both different but Kim speaks better English than Tee. Kim just reminds me of those kind of guys we used to trip for as Teenagers. All those ABC and Inexcess boys in UNILAG who act like they don't shyte! You know dem kind :) Looks like am still stuck in me teens, hehehe. Tee on the other hand has a swagger that makes me wet my pants but he cant kiss to save his life. Dude cant even bloody open his mouth properly. But Kim is a very good kisser. Yes I know I kissed them both. I have to now, it's all part of the test.

If one were to place them on a scale from what I know of the two of them so far I think they're square which is where the dilemma lies. I could go for Tee cos I have a weakness for tall dark guys and he seems well grounded but then Kim's intellectual ability is something I cant ignore plus he's ever so sweet. Oya guys put on ur thinking caps o I want answers.

Ciao for now!

Monday, 4 May 2009


I know y'all must be thinking she's done her usual disappearing acts again but this time it is for good reason. I settled yet again into a new apartment so I officially feel at home after months of giving up my old place. I have also been working on a little pet project ScoopsNija which I frankly don't know where it is heading yet but at least the likes of Afrobabe and Roc believes in me. I am counting on your support guys as you will see less and less of Parakeet but more and more of Scoops hopefully. For all those who are resident in the UK and have hot gist about anything and everything about Nigerians living here please hit your girl up and leave the rest to me. Much appreciated.

As for my last post, you wonderful people of blogville once again have reminded me of why I love it here in blogville. I wrote a post and you guys finished off where I left it so I say thank you for your wisdom and sincere apologies for not being about to respond. Again I say communication with reason is always the best policy.

Have a good one you all.