Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Oh dear! It's been so long. A whole year flew by and not a word from me. Not that I flatter myself that anyone cares, but I'M ALIVE! I don't wanna bore you with the same old 'a lot has happened' but I could easily write a 500 page novel if not more of events in my life in the past year.

This summer has been great for Londoners (I no longer qualify to be called a Londoner as I now live in a very green small town about 40 minutes from NW London). I did miss all the pomp and glory of the Queens Jubilee, Olympics and the Paralympics games considering it took place  at my doorstep when I lived in East London but i stayed glued to the TV and tried to be a part of all the excitement. I'm particularly happy about how well the Nigerian Paralympics team did and I hope as a nation lessons will be learned from their performance.

While I was absent from blogville, I always wondered what my first return post would be about and even though I've had over a year to come up with something, a tangible topic still eludes me. It can only mean I'm still not ready to write yet so no point sweating it. This is a start though, so who knows I may just be back tomorrow or worst case scenario, never! (Gosh I hope not).

So for now, I'll end here and do a quick blog round to see what I've missed.