Monday, 26 May 2008

The Long Weekend is Over

Where did it go? I remember I was looking forward to my long weekend which started at 12:30pm on Wednesday with so much excitement and a mental note of all I was going to do. After work that Wednesday I went to see a dear friend whom I used to work with. The bobo is now a big boy having finished his PHD and gone to work for Shell. He was in London for 2 weeks for training and was lodged at the Radisson. Even though I had known him for just over 2 years I consider him a confidante cos he gat so much sense on him and he's a good listener. He once told me that his wife didnt like me because she felt that he fancied me which I found absurd but I guess the wife get hindsight o. When I got to his hotel room the guy confessed to liking me all along and now he was feeling mushy mushy as he termed it. I just carried my bag and left. He was the last friend I had who hadn't asked me , married or not. So my people I've given up on having guys as friends. They cant tell the difference. At least most.

Thursday came o...what did I do?. Cant even remember. Oh...I was at home but had a pleasant surprise. I wont spill on that. I also went on a few errands. So that was Thursday gone without nothing eventful happening. Friday too was much the same except that a friend who wanted me to write him a song came to visit. Am rooting for him to get on the X-Factor, hopefully I will have one very  famous friend in the near future. The highlight of his visit too was that he wanted to have his wicked way with me. And he used to be very close to my first love. I say ehn, men tire me, maybe na me get something for body. Who knows? But I managed to convince him there could never be me and him. He took it real hard but who cares.

Friday continued to be a weird day cos of my funny oyinbo neighbour. I went to the grocery store to get something and saw the man driving past and I gave him the typical oyinbo eye service smile. Am sure y'all know that smile wey no dey reach belle. I couldn't find what I was looking for and decided to take the bus and go further down to look for it. What I didnt know was that this man was following my bus. Let me give you the man's history. The guy is married to some Cameroonian woman and they have a daughter together. They live just two doors away from ours with the woman's two older son and daughter whom have since moved out. I dont talk to any of them except for the older daughter, Abi when she used to lived there. In fact the girl just forced herself on me that was how we got talking. One day my friend came over and we were putting some 'for sale' posters on her car and this man saw us. He instantly liked my friend cos I saw the lascivious look he was giving her. The man then said hi to me and told me he liked my friend but I said she was married and he was like oh and quickly went inside. From then on when we see each other we tend to say a kurt hi and that's it.

So me smiling at him driving the other day was my usual courtesy only the man read it wrong and followed me in his Mercedes SEL. When I got off the bus and I saw the man, I was shell shocked. He rolled down his glass and I asked him what he wanted and why he followed the bus, and he said because I smiled at him "in a different way". Shuo, see me see trouble o. From where to where? Anyway I told him I was not interested in him and sent him on his way. The guy felt like a fool and said "keep this our little secret". As if...which secret? Yeye fool. In fact now am thinking may be he shagged his step daughter that was why she was chased out of the house cos the circumstances in which Abi left the house was shady. Middle of the night kinda yawa!

Saturday came o and I didnt do anything much but went dancing at night. I burnt my beloved blouse so that fouled my mood before I left home and I and my friends got lost making matters worse. I got to the said club and instead of finding cute looking guys na so so women full there. It was like they were selling them there...real bevy of beautiful ladies. My eyes dropped and jumped back into their sockets. I tot I was looking hot in my killer shorts and Steve Madden heels but  I saw cleavages and died! Anyway the night was a drag sha cos I couldnt find any blokes to flirt with in my usual club style. I just had a spitzer, danced a bit and headed back to my cold bed. 

Sunday I woke up with killer headache. Missed church and just laid there on my bed chatting to my numerous internet friends. My headache really handicapped me cos I had two invitations to go out which I had to turn down. So it ended up a drag just like today is ending up. Bank holiday Monday no work but marooned in the house cos of horrible weather. Chatting to some moronic guys who cant stop talking about sex and there's my long weekend gone down the loo. Gosh! there's got to be more to life than this.

Anyways my peoples, have a lovely week.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Lolu tagged me which is not funny but anyways since the dust of my previous posts has died down, I can share 6 of my idiosyncrasies. Not so tagging Abbie, Babz and Oracle.

Just follow the rules below

1. Link the person/people who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs
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Now my answers;

1. I hate being asked out..shege! Its so hard telling unrelenting men why they are not good enough for you. The whys never stop. If you say you're not ready, they will ask why, if you say its not yet time, they will ask why, if you say you dont like them, why. Why , why, why until heaven falls. Spare me abeg!

2. I think I have a mild form of OCD…am obessed with arrangements. When I go shopping and buy sweetcorn or anything in a tie sha..I spend the next 30 minutes or so arranging them so that they are all facing the same place and are sitting right on top of each other.

3. Damp towels give me the creeps. I will only share a partner's towel if am convinced its just been washed and I get to use it first.

4. I like to fondle my nipple while lying naked on my bed. Funny thing is it does nothing for me. I normally do that when there’s something deep I am thinking about…weird?

5. The other thing I do naked or at least semi-naked is to dance around in my room usually to 80s hits. I don’t have a clue why I do this, but I do anyways , usually on Saturday mornings.

6. Damn I hate people eating out loudly or sucking on something aloud…kai, it pisses me off. My mum does it and it annoys the shit outta me! My ex does it too so am glad I got rid of him…lol!

Today's Post

I want to rant about Facebook. Yea yea, I know am prolly gonna step on a few toes but who cares. I love FB but that place is driving me off the wall. What's it with men sef? Guys I've not seen since primary school now feel the need to profess undying love they harboured for me when I never even get breast...what can fa? I say the thing dey vex me. While am happy to hook up with old friends, colleagues and mates, I dont want to know how your girlfriend lives in Hong Kong and how you suck at long distance, so am suppose to be make shift girlfriend ehn? All these guys just wanna get laid and they think they can use emotional blackmail for moi!

Also, why e be say the word fiance nor dey fear men again. Tell a guy you're hooked and you're digging even a deeper hole for yourself. Folks dont even have respect for each other anymore. The bible's says thou shalt not covet they neighbour's wife...or goods...oginni? Abeg guys there are many fishes in the ocean, leave the taken ones alone.

Finally, my nija men! I know y'all are brave and can even talk to the dead body of Marilyn monroe but una nor dey look face? E be like say unapproachable no dey una dico. Its not all the time you see a fine girl that you have to chat her up (yes, I know am a fine girl and am saying that with all EMPHASIS! See you have to be tactical about these things. Choose a time and place. Dont try and chat me up while am running up the escalator trying to catch the Jubilee line, you want make I lose my fine teeth. These days I have to rely on my very humble iPod shuffle. Once I see nija men gathered and their eyes darting about, I just stick it on cos I know the next thing am gonna hear is whistles. Haba, abeg leave nija connection in Nija...this is jand!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Am Back!

Yea...I know that sounds so cliche but you will forgive me...I'm a bit rusty in being creative with words now after spending the last month battling my dissertation. Well I finally gave it in last Thursday but had two more course works to battle. They were both completed yesterday and I give them in on wednesday...I eagerly await my first class in Jesus name.

I apologise for my bad manners...I should have said hello to all you beautiful bloggers first. H-E-L-L-O! Hope y'all been okay and been having fun. To all those who are in locations where there's been winter, hope you're enjoying the summer that is being ushered in. And for those who are in incessant una dey enjoy...just dont burn!

I've spent the last week being indoors so I've not been able to enjoy he 26 degrees sunshine in London yet. Am ready to step out this week hopefully I can still catch some of it. Is any of you girls thinking of going shopping for summer yet? I'm rearing to go.

Ah...a lot has happened to me since I've been gone o. The likes of Afrobabe will know. I've got so much I want to write about but I'll take them one at a time. I have a few stops to do at my favorites blogs first. feels so good to be back. Am rubbing my palms together and smiling sheepishly now...Y-E-L-L-Y!