Thursday, 28 August 2008


listen i said stuff i didnt mean
i apologised and meant it
let me make it up to u
pick any football jersey and i will send it to u

That statement came from a dude that was asking me out a few months back but didnt quite know how to handle rejection and resorted to tongue lashing me instead. Really I haven't stopped laffing...what is the world turning to? Is this how guys apologise for misdeeds these days? Buy me some chavvy jersey and that's it? So razz...shege I don suffer. Guys this dude just dereped una.

This is not a real post...but I just had to share this with my lovely peeps in blogville. Make e no be say na only me go laff. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Much Needed Break

Hello guys, hope y'all are keeping well (yea yea went to yankee for 5 days and now am saying y'all...lmao!). Yes o, I went for a short break in Maryland/DC and met the delectable Abbie. She's such a lovely person and I dont mean to sound patronising but frankly its refreshing to know people like her still exists. My good time started with her, she bought me lunch and showed me some lovely shops for me to do my shopping. This was all in Maryland and on Friday I hooked up with an old friend in DC who I hadn't seen in six years. I dont know how they do it in Yankee but this dude was so generous to the point that he paid for me to stay at the 5* Grand Hyatt, organised for us to go on a cruise and took me to the Baltimore Aquarium. Such magnanimity astounds me especially when it comes from someone not expecting anything back.

One of the highlights of my trip occurred in Baltimore. We had parked like a mile away from the aquarium as we didnt really know where it was. We had to leg it to the place and while walking his eyes caught what he thought was yoruba language written on a stone slab buried into the ground. He called my attention to it and alas it turned out to be the most shocking discovery. See for yourself!

The translation is this;

My only thinking is that this was carved into the grounds built by our forefathers who were taken as slaves. There were other languages such as Chinese and Arabic I think. He tried to explain to me that Baltimore is historically known to be a town where slaves where taken to when they were shipped off Africa. Does anyone know anything about this?

On a lighter note, everyday I have reasons to believe that men are indeed from mars. I think I blogged about how my ex's best friend was asking me out and I told him to get stuffed. Well one of his chatting lines was that he had spoken to my ex and he agreed to him asking me out. Of course I found this ridiculous believing that my ex would never agree to such a thing seeing as he was my first and bla bla bla. In fact a while ago we were discussing getting back together but for the fact that he went to take this Charity job that made it frustrating to communicate so we forgot about that. You can imagine my surprise when his dear old friend told me he had given his go ahead for us to date. Fuming I waited patiently until he was out of the bush that he normally goes to work and after like over 6 weeks of waiting I finally was able to contact him. So I asked him if truly he had given his friends his blessing for us to date and he said well he cant strictly say that but he did tell his friend that if he was interested in me he could go ahead.

By now I was reeling from the shock of his revelation and wondered what he took me for. He tried to placate me and said the reason he said that was because it was not his place to decide who I now like no matter how special things were between us. He then gave me an analogy that if a master had taken his time to look after a dog from when it was a puppy and they had formed a bond and become almost inseparable. Then someone comes along and decides to take the dog from the master he said the natural thing the dog will do is bite and fight the intruder away. In a nutshell he expected me to say NO to his friend but he would not prevent his friend from asking me out. Obviously he was happy that I told his friend where to go but I just cant help but wonder at how men really think. I mean its totally abnormal. A friend of mine cant come to me and says she fancies my ex however long ago it was and I'll say to her to go ahead. Even though I may not mind them dating obviously cos I would have moved on, I will never give her the impression that I don't mind. Anyway I just find it rather funny.

Need to do my blog rounds now guys and it does feel nice to be back to my routine! Have a good week.

Monday, 18 August 2008

The Dark Knight

Okay so I joined the thousands of people who had seen the new Batman film and I must say it was a rather enjoyable experience. I wont into the details of it as I don’t want to spoil it for the other people who still have aspirations of going to see it. The cinematography was awesome alongside for hair raising stunts. I was thoroughly impressed. However I find the subtle theme of the movie rather unsettling. There are various themes that popped out of it and as someone who took film analysis as a module back in uni, I certainly recognised most of them and their various significance. The one I find rather unsettling though was towards the end of the movie, where the joker fantastically played by Heath Ledger managed to turn the man who stood for everything good to the evil side in 60 minutes. I must say quickly here as an aside that Heath, may his soul rest in peace does deserve that posthumous Oscar it has been rumoured he may receive.

Now back to the main point, the District Attorney of Gotham trudged the dirt and scum of the city to bring the perpetrators to book. He was largely seen as the modern day Caesar, the one to finally clean up the streets of a crime ridden metropolis. He stood for everything upright and honourable but due to lack of communication and perhaps the very organised friends of the joker who help him pull of the sickest of all rampages in an already downtrodden city, he eventually turned evil himself. The joker was able to convince him in a matter of minutes that the friends he had known and worked with for the most of his professional career where untrustworthy zealots who planned to take him out. I mean this same joker whom everyone cringes at the sight of and who is solely responsible for a large chunk of the ill that befell the city managed to convince the DA that his friends were untrustworthy? Even if there were would a good person not try to find out for himself is this joker has an iota of seriousness in him?

How could someone who has been so good for the most part of his life just turn bad like that. I think that is a rather disturbing message to send out to people that a life of dedication and uprightness could mean nothing in a matter of minutes. People who do good may become discouraged if evil is portrayed to have such power. But really does evil have that much power and capabilities or I'm just been paranoid? That single messages negates all the principle I learnt as a growing child that good surpasses all things and is most powerful. If there's any truth in what I have learnt that how come evil triumphed over good in the case of this young and promising DA?

I think script writers, directors and producers should be careful the sort of messages they convey through their movies. For who in the world would really want to continue to do good if they feel that the people around them do not have their interest at heart. People will simply become nonchalant and just do whatever they like if its that easy to turn to the dark side. Already we see that more and more people are becoming selfish, me inclusive. They give less thought to their neighbours and more to what they can get out of any situations and movies like this will just make an already bad situation worse. I just hope that people who go to see the movie do not concentrate on the theme I picked out!

Have a blessed week guys.

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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Revenge is Sweet so laffing. Some dude just made my whole week. Okay this is the story. I met this guy o, a while ago. Spanking clean guy o. He doesn't have a Will Smith face but he can hold his own wherever he goes. A guy who hits the gym and has a physique to die for, carries himself with such charisma, works as an investment banker, has his own home and even more spanking friends. His taste is exquisite, inexpensive but totally classy and he knows how to enjoy the simple things of life. He is so well mannered and treats a lady with respect (at least that was the way he treated me). In short, the sort of guy any girl would dream to wake up to for the rest of her life. Except for the small fact that bobo thinks that he is God's gift to women o. Ok we met and he kept the call going for a while, once in a while I must say. He basically kept me on the edge, making me wait for his call and waiting for the time he was gonna ask me out on a date. Well as per babe too, I mustered all the will power I had from wherever they were deep buried o and I waited it out until the day he finally said let's go out.

Bobo chooses wagamama at the west end as if he knew that I cant work a pair of chopsticks. Anyway dinner went ok and we went to a nearby bar for a drink where I hung to every word of his the whole time. He must have noticed I was drooling cos just then he announced that we were leaving. We took our leave o and he drops me home saying "i'll call". I thought hmmm, you better do. Bobo called as promised the night after and we spoke for a bit. I thot well he made the first call which is a good dating sign now. I called bobo a few nights later for some idle chat but we didnt talk much before he said he was gonna call me back Call back didnt come until three nights later. I was seething the whole time before the call but as soon as my phone rang and I saw his name my heart melted. We started to talk o and a minute later bobo gets a call on his house phone says he was gonna call back. Call back didnt come for another week or so before I then decided to call o. I called bobo and in his usual style he said he'll cal lme back after less than 1 minute of speaking. By now your girl was blind with fury and as soon as I got off the phone I deleted bobo's number o. It was so hard getting him out of my mind o but I did one way or other.

Guess what my people? My phone rings tonight almost a month after bobos efizy and it was a number I was not familiar with. Hmm I picked up and said "hello who's this" and there was silence from the other end. Next thing I heard was a deep sigh and a solemn 'so you deleted my number'. I knew it was bobo one time and I just started to laff uncontrollably. I laffed and laffed and laffed and poor thinh he must have been wondering is i was mad. It felt so good getting one over him. Even though I knew it was him, I pretended as if I didnt know. He felt so embarrassed and said he was gonna call me back instead. I know he ain't gonna call and I frankly dont give a damn but am glad I was able to show him that girls these days dont wait around for men no more. He may have been doing it with other girls but it wont wash with this babe! Ah so fine boys also cry? Shege! Bobo made my night o. He so made my night. Yes you're hot but am HOTTER! Go tell your mama. Girls its doable. A guy tries to prove he's all that and a bag of chips? You tell him where to stick it Hahahahahah!

My weekend is gonna be fun! Enjoy urs too.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Men Are Becoming Sissies

We all know most women are preoccupied with their appearance and philosophers such as Sigmund Freud put this down to women's narcissistic nature. Women's narcissism he says was developed as a result of 'penis envy' because during our evolution from infancy to girls we stopped short of developing what he calls the super-ego. Men on the other side developed the super ego that's why they pay more attention to external things such as amassing wealth than personal beauty.

Susan Bordo, Wendy Chapkis among other early feminists were obviously opposed to this view and posited that patriarchal culture is to be blamed for women's intense pursuit of beauty.. They claim that it is not biological for women to want to seek beauty above other things but rather because from birth there have been gender roles demarcated for both sexes where girls are bought dolls and dressed in gowns while boys are encouraged to be involved in activities related to display of strength and vigour such as sports.

Why am I going all academic? Well my point is from the word go we all know there are gender roles. We've come to expect the woman to pay attention to her physical appearance while making herself desirable to men. The man on the other hand is expected to be all macho and work hard to get a fat bank balance. As women we are expected to attribute things such as rippling muscles, hard square jaw, hard bodies and the likes to a real man. The closest a man could ever dream to being feminine is to smell nice. Other than this, nothing but an 'alpha male' will do.

Fast forward 21st century, gender roles is beginning to be blurred and it is now commonplace to find women in positions hitherto occupied by men and vice versa. However who could ever think that men would become so effeminate? They coined a new term 'metrosexual' to describe heterosexual men who have a strong concern for their appearance. A good example of a metrosexual man is David Beckham. Some women tried to come to terms with this new soft alpha male with ladies like me even preferring a metrosexual brother as long as he stops short of being gay and vain. I mean who needs a sissy?

Alas last Friday I was reading my favourite evening paper, The Londonpaper and six or seven pages down the headlines blared 'Guyliner or Manscara..? Splashed over the page were men who had applied eyeliner and looked no more than a court jester. I'm like what is this? To my horror the article covered how super drug had released a make up line for men. What for? Why on earth will any real man need a eye liner? I'm all for using moisturisers and perhaps eye brow trimming but eye liner or mascara? As if that was not enough, on BBC breakfast this morning, they unearth how tights are now being made for men and I'm thinking would they need to start wearing skirts too? I certainly don’t wear tights when I wear trousers so why is there a need for tights to be made for men?

I guess the implication for this is that most of the gender theories that have been developed in the past to explain the differences between man and woman may need to be revised. The likes of Freud unfortunately he's dead now would have to go back to the drawing board and re-write their theories. I am thinking the feminists are right on this one, gender roles are man-made and not nature based. I personally think that after God created the foundations of the world everything else that was created including culture, religion, beliefs, norms etc are man-made and if it is manmade it is changeable.

Have a good week everyone.