Tuesday, 5 April 2011

If You Must Sleep With A Married Man

...then make it worth your while.

This is probably a controversial post but I just have to say it. I am not endorsing sleeping with a married man. Heck no! However, the reality is that a lot of ladies do these days, knowingly or unknowingly. For a lady who knows that she's sleeping with a married man, why is she doing it if not for personal gain?

Okay so why am I writing about this? Last night, a friend in Nigeria confided in me that one of the top Managers in her work place is interested in her. She then said oh Parakeet, he's so goodlooking and I'm into him so am considering giving in. At this point I honestly thought the man in question was single as my friend is. So I asked her where the hesitation was coming from and she said 'oh he's married, he's got 3 wives'. After recovering from the shock and *picking my jaw from the floor*, I asked her if she was mad to ever consider a married man's advances. She went into this long story of how she was fed up with single guys and their games, how it still amounted to sleeping with them for nothing and how it even hurts more when a single man messes you around. Well true but she conveniently forgot about the bit where the chances of you having a more meaningful relationship with a single man is far higher than that of a married man.

Anyway it looked like there was no convincing this lady to abandon her quest so I asked her, 'what's in it for you? Is he gonna help with your business start up in anyway?' She was like 'no, I dont intend asking him for any favours lest he thinks am a prostitute'! HELLO! Should you give a rats ass what he thinks? A lot of these men already see Nigerian girls as easy anyway and for him to have made advances at you am sure he's willing to pay his way through, so why would you let him get away with it and give him a free p****?

In my own opinion it makes no difference, if a woman has decided to sleep with a married man, then she must be gaining something preferrably material from him. I mean why let the man win both ways? If he wants a mistress then let him pay for it. It makes you no prostitute as long as you're not putting out for many men at the same time in exchange for personal gain. Although perhaps there's some self esteem issues going on sleeping with a married man in the first place. Really, ladies put a price on it if you decide not to hoard your goods.