Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Lolu tagged me which is not funny but anyways since the dust of my previous posts has died down, I can share 6 of my idiosyncrasies. Not so fast...am tagging Abbie, Babz and Oracle.

Just follow the rules below

1. Link the person/people who tagged you
2. Mention the rules in your blog
3. Mention six(6) spectacular quirks of urs
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5. Let each of the tagged bloggers know they've been tagged..via their blogs

Now my answers;

1. I hate being asked out..shege! Its so hard telling unrelenting men why they are not good enough for you. The whys never stop. If you say you're not ready, they will ask why, if you say its not yet time, they will ask why, if you say you dont like them, why. Why , why, why until heaven falls. Spare me abeg!

2. I think I have a mild form of OCD…am obessed with arrangements. When I go shopping and buy sweetcorn or anything in a tie sha..I spend the next 30 minutes or so arranging them so that they are all facing the same place and are sitting right on top of each other.

3. Damp towels give me the creeps. I will only share a partner's towel if am convinced its just been washed and I get to use it first.

4. I like to fondle my nipple while lying naked on my bed. Funny thing is it does nothing for me. I normally do that when there’s something deep I am thinking about…weird?

5. The other thing I do naked or at least semi-naked is to dance around in my room usually to 80s hits. I don’t have a clue why I do this, but I do anyways , usually on Saturday mornings.

6. Damn I hate people eating out loudly or sucking on something aloud…kai, it pisses me off. My mum does it and it annoys the shit outta me! My ex does it too so am glad I got rid of him…lol!

Today's Post

I want to rant about Facebook. Yea yea, I know am prolly gonna step on a few toes but who cares. I love FB but that place is driving me off the wall. What's it with men sef? Guys I've not seen since primary school now feel the need to profess undying love they harboured for me when I never even get breast...what can fa? I say the thing dey vex me. While am happy to hook up with old friends, colleagues and mates, I dont want to know how your girlfriend lives in Hong Kong and how you suck at long distance, so am suppose to be make shift girlfriend ehn? All these guys just wanna get laid and they think they can use emotional blackmail for moi!

Also, why e be say the word fiance nor dey fear men again. Tell a guy you're hooked and you're digging even a deeper hole for yourself. Folks dont even have respect for each other anymore. The bible's says thou shalt not covet they neighbour's wife...or goods...oginni? Abeg guys there are many fishes in the ocean, leave the taken ones alone.

Finally, my nija men! I know y'all are brave and can even talk to the dead body of Marilyn monroe but una nor dey look face? E be like say unapproachable no dey una dico. Its not all the time you see a fine girl that you have to chat her up (yes, I know am a fine girl and am saying that with all EMPHASIS!...lol). See you have to be tactical about these things. Choose a time and place. Dont try and chat me up while am running up the escalator trying to catch the Jubilee line, you want make I lose my fine teeth. These days I have to rely on my very humble iPod shuffle. Once I see nija men gathered and their eyes darting about, I just stick it on cos I know the next thing am gonna hear is whistles. Haba, abeg leave nija connection in Nija...this is jand!


guerreiranigeriana said...

this your post is too funny o!!!!...from your quirks to naija men!!!...i'm sure the dudes don't mind you fondling your breast when in deep thought...haha...i soooo feel you on the whole lack of respect for relationships...that shit annoys me!!!...

Nice Anon said...

LOL @ FB rant. Everyone likes better thing so i guess thats why they feel to need to holla

babzent said...

See this girl wey de tag me so o!
Your life is really wierd o! Nipple twister... stripper...! haba,ur nickname is pilling up!
@ ur fbk rant, well I'd wait for other comments to c if ur case is an isolated one or not.
Thnk u 4 d credit wey u give us Nija men o...but I guess some of us need more tact.
But u can't have it all too... what u lack in tact, u make up for somewhere else(winking) so don't loose d whole package cos of lack of "tact"

tobenna said...

Truthfully, and I mean, truthfully. What would happen to you and other women if men stopped ogling or drooling over you? Wife, fiancee or whatever?
You want to know what would happen?
The reverse would happen. Women would start to so same to us.

So, pls. feel free to rant. But remember, thats the way God made us :P
Leave Naija men ALONE!

Sting said...

I hate facebook, period!

Abbie said...

yes the novelty of facebook is wearing off fast.
Thanks for the tag I did one before, I think I'll just relink it (I'm lazy)

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

ha ha

i loved your quirks, your #2 reminds me so much of my mum, she wouldnt let any1 touch the shopping, because she wants to arrange them in her own special way.

and fb, for the first 2 weeks , it was addictive, but now, its just like anything else

LG said...

hehehehehehehe, babes, u r quirky o, touching ur nipples ke? i m waiting for afro's comment sha, lol!!!!

hope u r gud?

Be silent said...

Yeah talk about the Face book stalkers

Jaycee said...

Yesterday on facebook, I found an old high school classmate...that thing just gives me thrills!!! It makes me ecstatic!!!! Yeah, its agreeable that it can get annoying.

Lol @ hating being asked out...they just don't stop, abi?

Naija guys will always be naija guys...lol.

princesa said...

Fondling ur nipples while thinking...similar to my fondling my crotch while thinking too...it does nothing for me too o! Some of us are just quirky like that joo.

That FB think dey vex me sef. The worst is peeps u dont know from adam professing undying love. Na so dem dey fall in love??

Shaywun said...

I was here... but I'm laughing all the way to Facebook!!! But in all honesty, I've had to block about 2 or 3 guys from my page because of the rubbish *HISS*

Aijay said...

Ollay, this is so surreal. R u me or what? We've got every one of ur six quirks in common. Well, except that I don't dance to 80s hits on Sat mornings. lol...
As for FB, don't even get me started...

The Paradigm said...

ROFLOL @ FB .....lets just say i have used the delete and reject botton a whole lot......

Pink-satin said...

playing with nipples...lol

Oracle said...

Ollay, whassup.
I've been very busy lately thatz why I've not been blogging. Besides, my friends say that I've lost my poetic touch which I think is true coz I wasn't satisfied with what I wrote.

My tag post has been posted in my wordpress blog.

I updated my blogger blog.

Free-flowing Florida said...

i touch my nipples too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

abt those jokers, pls don't waste ur anger on dem. dat is their way of 'jerking off'. seriously, it's not d physical sex they want cos some of dem r so far away & not @ all prepared 2 meet u. but psychologically, they r making love 2 u wen they r toasting it. it's sick i know, but shit happens

ibiluv said...

nipples.....naked.....lying down...equation incomplete...male must/should be present......

i dont do damp towels either...even with family

loud eating hate it tooo...

as for facebook...just ignore the motherfuckers........
i cuss all i want
eventually dude cant stand me being all rude & arrogant and he gets off my page.........
moreover i dont add asswipes as pals-they can poke all they want.........

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

oh my

"Finally, my nija men! I know y'all are brave and can even talk to the dead body of Marilyn monroe but una nor dey look face?"

jesu, una no go kill me oh...
yeah, FB is like the devil I swear...

yo be fine ghel nothing do you

Ollay said...

@Gnija…abi what am I suppose to do now. I’ve had these on my mind for quite a while now. How u dey sha?
@nice anon…I guess. Come weytin do your page. Cant seem to find your posts abi you no dey blog?
@babzent…you never chop cane before abi? Am sure you can see am not alone now on the FB rant. Perhaps you need to start offering the ones who lack tact some lessons.
@Tobenna…am sure we women get off on the attention we get from men, but it’s a right turn off if its done in a sleazy way.
@Sting…lol. I see you don’t beat around the bush.
@Abbie…yea, tell me about it. Didn’t know u’ve been tagged earlier. Will love to read.
@F&F…hehehe, u’d be surprised at a number of peeps I know who are obsessed with arrangements
@lg…no mind me jare, for comfort now.
@Be silent…thank God am not alone.
@Jaycee…Oh I know…FB has bought me a very special person from my past and these last weeks has been filled with so much joy. But on the flip side, its vexing. As per being asked out, I’ve just never liked it even as a 13 year old.
@Princesa…crotch ke…gosh! I don’t want to think abt that.
@Shaywun…lol, FB can be quite entertaining as a matter of fact.
@Aijay…You know how they say God created two of everyone in this world. May be you’re the other me or me the other you…lol!
@paradigm…hmm…those tools can be very handy. Lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
@Oracle…finally read ur quirks, funny…lol. And please don’t lose your poetic touch o. You know am learning from the likes of you.
@FFF…you know I think you may be right cos some of the things they come up with are just so weird!
@Ibiluv…no male now, weytin go do. Ah vibrator!…lol
@Zephi…I can see you really laughing….please don’t go private o!

chichi said...

lol @ ur tags; tho we av the dancing thing in common tho not naked and def not 80's songs!!! lol. thnx 4 dropin by mine.xx

Standtall said...

Vera plays with her nipple too http://www.verastic.com/.

I tagged Abbie too o. I hope she will do hers ASAP, she is being AWOL for 3 days now.

What I cant stand about some of these men is insisiting you must date them even if you:
1. Tell them you r married
2. Not interested in a relationship
3. Dont like him
4. Engaged to be married

I always ask "will you be happy if someone does this to you by snatching ur girl or dating ur wife etc etc.

And i disagree with Tobenna, who says ladies can ask men out? And what we are saying is not that men shd not ask a lady they desire out but not in an annoying manner and not when you made it clear you no wan do. Abi.

And I love facebook. It's got so many opportunity if you think abt it. Abbie, you too? You are just a newcomer on facebook o if I may say so (lol)

soupasexy said...

i hate facebook, even though i just spent 30mins on there today pimping my profile.
i'm still wondering y u pinch ur nipples..that was funny.

dat one okrika girl...xyz said...

your post is funny o. I dont mind being asked out o, but its always worwor men that ask me out. I've gotten used to telling people that ask me out relentlessly that i'm married or engage. but you are right men dont even respect another man's goods o. You tell a man you have a boyfriend/husband and they will ask you "what does that have to do with me."

Wow so shopping no dey tire you? After spending 1 or 2 hours in the store shopping, I dont care where i put anything as long as it's put away.

Standtall said...

I meant to write who says ladies cant ask men out?

AlooFar said...

Very, very funny Quirks...

LMaO @ Fb ;)

Those former classmate were probably advancing with their love back then... ;)

Nice Anon said...

lol.. I don't have a page

TinTin said...

facebook..hmm the saga of facebook!!! dont get me started!!!

lol at ur quirks...i refuse to comment on the nipple-gate action!!! lol

TinTin said...

errrrrrr....where did my comment go?

TinTin said...

oww i see..lol..u have to approve ba!! quite confusing!!!

Olamild said...

"what can fa?"

Lmaoo... I have not heard or read that in ages... hhaha don't mind those shameless men o

Naija Chickito said...

Lol. This whole post funny die! No mind them jo. Just delete the msgs as they come. Works for me!

As for your quirks, loved everyone of them. They gave me an insight to the real you. I think I'll want to meet you someday.

Ollay said...

@Chichi…hmm, no probs.
@Standtall…read Vera’s quirks, quite hilarious I must say. Abbie said she done one before so I doubt she gonna redo. As per men, some don’t think that a girl is good enough sport hence the reason they chase the hard to get…FB has its ups.
@Soupasexy…the nipples things beats me too o and as per FB, I hate it but spend hours there everyday, lol.
@D1OG..xyz…worwor…lol. Its been long I heard that.
@Aloofar…thanks…as per schoolmates, well they shud go and find someone else to try their lyrics on. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
@nice anon…I see
@Tintin…no mind me jare, since my post before this I just want to be sure that I wont be suffering backlash from some quarters hence the activation of comment moderation. No vex. E be like say the nipple-gate situation the cause a lot of ehm ehm o.
@Olamild…yes o…sec school days.
@Chickito…thanks jare…will be nice to meet you too. Have a glass of margarita under the palm tree with large googles on…lol.

Buttercup said...

lolllllllllll!!! wow, im goin to have one of my many doses of laughter on this blog!!

Free-flowing Florida said...

update enforcer has come by!!!!!! oya, update!!!!!!!!!!! or ........

AnyaPosh said...

Abi, my dear tell 'em "Haba, abeg leave nija connection in Nija...this is jand!"!!!!

I feel you on the old friends confessing love after eons have passed. And I no that oyinbo smile wey no dey reach belle! The one wey you no go show teeth, just squeeze mouth into one kain flat line"...(damn, my pidgin is great!).. anyway, I hope you feel better now sha, don't worry this weekend will definitely be more productive ;)