Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Nigeria is My Country, I Have a Right to Discuss It

It is possible to live in decay and not know it
It started right before your eyes
You noticed the first crack but you procrastinated
I'll go back and fix it another day
Then that crack causes another crack
Yet again you noticed but failed to act
Afterall you have your hands full with other stuff that needs immediate attention
Until the whole thing bloody cracks
That you no longer notice it
Even though those cracks cut you here and there
It's nothing you're not used to it
So you don't see it as a big deal
People on the other side see how damaged things are
But you live in the damage so you don't know
When they mention it you tell them to keep shut and mind their own business
Yet in your mind you feel perplexed about your plight
Nothing a brave face in public wont cure, you assure yourself.
No matter how much you psyche yourself up
No matter how much you refuse to see the problem
It doesn't take the problem away
It is there and will always be there no matter how much your denial grow.
Nigeria has a problem, let us see it
If you're going to make an enemy of the person who points out a problem but profers no solution
and make a friend of the person who just fails to see the problem
then you're a bigger fool than I thought
I kid myself not
I am overwhelmed by the multiple problems we face as a nation
I dont even know if there's anything I can do to help
But please let no one tell me I cant discuss my country
Discussing a problem is not the same as tarnishing the image of the country
Please know the difference and keep your peace.


Nemesiz said...

I, too, am overwhelmed by the numerous problems we face. And I couldn't agree more on the need to talk about it. It seems to me that consciousness or perhaps cognizance of the key issues is the first step in any attempt at solutions. We must first identify and analyse, then if we're lucky, we might have some solutions. If we are even more fortunate, the solutions might include things we can do to contribute to the emancipation of Nigeria. Ours must surely rank as one of the longest nation-creating processes of modern times.

My World said...

Hmmmmmmmm,the Naija problems are just so many but I agree with you that talking about it makes it a lot better for us.......

musco said...

.... there will definitely be a light at d end of d tunnel!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

wow written with so much passion
the problem with african leaders is they are quite happy to live in oblivion as long as thier gravy train keeps on rolling. Its a shame its the joe public that suffers. We will never get anywhere until we eradicate corruption

Gee said...

True tlk right here!!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Sometimes it almost overwhelms me when I start thinking or talking about our naija but what can we do? Thoughtful write-up here, true word.

Scarlet said...

talking is often the start to action. We must keep talking about Nigeria, the good bits and the bad bits. Not only talk but also change

StandTall-The Activist said...

"Discussing a problem is not the same as tarnishing the image of the country". This was the point a fellow activist and I made yesterday in our discussion.

I am even sad that nothing is being done to retire Yar'adua. let him go and take care of his health and empower who will move Nigeria forward. His government is so silent...and I am not seeing any progress sicne he assumed power.

Writefreak said...

We can't keep quiet..we must take action, speak up for what is right as often as we have opportunity and also go on our knees for our country...that is what i think we all can do!

Happy new year!

AlooFar said...

Update jor!


happy new year oh!