Saturday, 17 January 2009

Winter Is Such A Libido Killer

Ok Scratch libido and replace it with something along the lines of 'the urge to socialise or date as it were'.

Manners, sorry guys how una dey? For those in Nija hope the sun is not biting too much. One of my dates landed in Nija a few days ago and he couldn't stop moaning about how hot it was and how he felt he'd just die. That's what happens when you leave sub zero temperature and swap it for over 32 degrees. For those of us in the West namely Yankee and Jand we know all too well how the winter this year has been so harsh. Certainly doesn't give much credence to their global warming clap trap. Talk about GW, do you know what the two-faced back stabbing British government has done again? After slamming like £20 green tax on short haul flights and £4o on long haul to make people think twice about flying they then approved a third run way for Heathrow. Now they claim to be the environmental champions of the world by introducing things like HIP packs which could make your home almost unsell-able if found short of the energy standards stipulated in the pack and also the £400 road tax slammed on so called gas guzzlers. So how does destroying 700 homes and then building a 3rd runway that would see Heathrow retain its crown as world busiest airport comply with their very own fight to save the planet by cutting their own emission. Well I'm not surprised sha, only Labour will say they'd not increase institution tuition fee only for it to go up from £1150 that year to £3000 the following year. In fact I be mumu for still believing in this government and any other government for that matter. Who invented politics sef? We need to go exhume that dude's body and kill him again 10 times over.

Sorry, manners again, so back to todays post. Remember the long epistle that was my last post where I was trying to prove hard and saying am going out there to multi date. Well it hasn't happened. E be like say God wan teach me lesson as I no dey meet dudes with cars anymore. Well that isn't God's fault really but most of those guys with cars have pot bellies and me and pot bellies no dey see eye to eye. Anyways all the guys on my radar now are tall and slim just the way I like them but no car and that just messes things up. I've been turning down lets go to the movie requests and bar requests like American Embassy refusing Nigerian's visa. The thing don tire me o and its not like am one high maintenance girl, I'm just lazy. How am I suppose to find better boyfriend if I cant be bothered to socialise? Any thoughts on this? You see I'm happy to meet up after work and such but they work at different times and that just makes it impossible. Once am home at the weekend nothing fit carry me comot house o, not in that biting cold unless of cos it's of utmost importance and e be like say socialising no dey that important level...yet.

Anyway this is a formal announcement that Parakeet cannot take any dating applications for now until summer which on a second thought defeats my purpose of having a spanking hot guy by then. What can a woman do eh? I hate this country sometimes!


Uzezi said...

lol. isn't there any way to manage the dates and the cold together? but you never know o, ur entering into thhose lives might just bring cars into their lives o.

rethots said...

...i don't have pot-belly.

Parakeet said... true u talk but looks like u'd have to pray for me first.
@Rethots...hmm, I hear u.

Dammy said...

Lol @ "I've been turning down lets go to the movie requests and bar requests like American Embassy refusing Nigerian's visa"

Now I am thinking...when Economists say "Our needs are insatiable", don't you think they are referring to women? Lol.

And the formal announcement? You never cease to amaze me with your sense of humour.

Could just be that this global recession thing is affecting everything, including relationships...

Hope things get better.


Parakeet said...

@Dammy..what can I do or say eh? Me sef tire. I guess am beginning to look like I dont know what I want. God will help me sha.

Hope u ok?

aloted said...

lol...very funny post...but i totally feel u about NOT going out in this blazing cold (can i use blazing and cold in the same sentence?)

pele dear...looks like u will have to wait till summer o..u cant have it

uzezi also talk true talk.

i have never understood any type of government and how they make their strange decisions

ShonaVixen said...

Hmmm...scratching my head and clearing my this to say I won't see u 2nite eh??
But I so hear about this weather though, mehn, I ever think twice about going to get some groceries and convince myself i really don't need anything coz hell its cold!!
Can't wait for summer the meantime lemme go and turn up the heating on full blast and imagine its summer!!

FFF said...

i want 2 comment, but lord knows am very tired (ate a hot bowl of garri & ora soup wit periwinkle, den drowned myself wit a gallon of water. am i making someone's mouth water? lol.) b back 2moro

Tigeress said...

U're complaining about cold in London- u need to come to this part of the world- then u'll know u guys are enjoying!!!

So is it becos of the cold u're not taking applications?

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Heathrow needs to stop with the new terminals already! You made very valid points I hadn't even thought about...

Omo I feel you on this cold thing. It makes me lazy to work out, socialize...just plain lazy!!! But hey, don't turn away the applications completely. Body heat is always a good option:-)

Writefreak said...

lol...really cracked me up...i suppose you have to wait till summer then...
human beings sa, i'm in naija and i was just complaining about how hot the sun is right now! hehehe..

lol @rethots....are you hitting on sirius? lol

LusciousRon said...

Why not expand your dating scene by dating some of the 'vehicular challenged' guys?

I will send you some heat from 9ja.

kmplx said...

LOLOL! no comment, other than, i so feel you!

Jarrai said...

So its not just me wraped up inside refusing to step out in the cold...i know what you mean tho!! This is why everyone drives in this freeze box.

OluwaDee said...

no dates 4 u till summer???
We'll see about that.

hope you are good?

bumight said...

nDQ has a very valid point. u cannot underestimate the importance of body heat!

Ms Sula said...

Ok, I was going to say really? Winter kills libido? Where so I can sign up! Mine is through the roof... It's frustrating at times.

Anyhoo, Dating in Cold Winter 101, buy ski pants and ear muffles and cute coats. :)

You guys have the tube and I so envy that. I wish I lived in a city where public transportation was so extensive, because this driving everywhere and anywhere fit kill me soon.

Happy Monday!

Naija Idol said...

"Who invented politics sef? We need to go exhume that dude's body and kill him again 10 times over."

Happy new year.

Afrobabe said...

lol....tot I was the only one with the no going out in the cold

mizchif said...

My dear i hate jand weather even more, even as i have an invite to come over like tomorrow, the thot of that cold us discourages me. As at september, i was wearing both sweater and coat when leaving home, and tights all day even at home.

I also don't see pot belly at all, as in i can't even shout!

ibiluv said...

babes na this cold suppose make u multi-date o

why multi-date in the heat?????

FineBoy Agbero said...

hmmm... shey make i come UK? i fit keep u warm in dis cold o!

all governments are d same o; no trust dem!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

lol dont discriminate, on the walkers and the cyclists its all in the spirit of being enviromentally friendly lol

StandTall-The Activist said...

Who invented the policy indeed

Well let's know how it goes when you are ready to date in Summer

Jaja said...

I dey tell u. I wish you well, my sister

Temite said...

Uncanny ehn?
Errr nothing kills my libido o. the thing is off the roof. Nonsense but then again it is always 85 and sunny here so yeah. Do give the ones with no cars a chance you never know when you would find a diamond in the rough.

Buttercup said...

Im also really sick of governments and their wahala..may God help us..

Lol pele o..i agree with the body heat suggestion

Buttercup said...

Im also really sick of governments and their wahala..may God help us..

Lol pele o..i agree with the body heat suggestion


haha, you are too funny. Try out a guy with no car, just once nah. The one with the best personality. You'll probably have a good laugh!

Dammy said...

Begging for an update!

How u dey?

ablackjamesbond said...


Afronuts said...

LOL...I hope you havent started fattening up out of ur laziness to leave the house oh!

I've seen ur pix before...dont let it become a case of 'before' and 'after'

Parakeet said...

@Aloted…oh yea blazing inferno of cold (nice twist huh?)
@Shona…Hahaha, shame I couldn’t turn up for the party. Can you believe that your last party was the last night crawling I've had? The cold is really turning me into a good girl
@FFF…sofri sofri o but which one is ora soup?
@Tigress…I know that over there is worse but weytin we go do. Oh yes application suspended until summer but with the looks of things there may be no need to even take at all…wink*
@NDQ…Body heat fit turn something else o…am so staying off and sticking with the heater, lol.
@Writefreak…Yes o, different strokes they say.
@Luscious..I have nothing against vehicular challenged guys as you apltly put it, lol. I just no wan do socialisation for inside cold.
@Kplx…long time o. How bodi?
@Jarrai…the cold this year no get part 2
@Oluwadee…am good gurl. How are you and Rabbi?
@Bumight…I hear u my sister
@Ms Sula…on trust you to bring a twist to things, can we swap places? Wink*
@Naija Idol…abi now.
@Afro…me and you are one of a kind now
@Mizchif…hahahaha. You cant shout!
@Ibiluv…hmm, na better you talk.
@Agbero…Pls hop on the first flight
@MDM…Hahahaha, love that.
@Standtall…will do
@Jaja…thanks bro
@Temite…Na you biko my sis but car no matter to me o.
@Buttercup…Maybe we should start a protest
@Solomonsydelle…ok, I'll heed voice of wisdom.
@Dammy…soon me dears. How u dey?
@Dudu007…No vex oga mi, soon.
@LoluKush…you're right. The pounds are beginning to pile up but no worry as soon as summer comes they are off. How u dey?