Monday, 18 May 2009

How Did I Get Here?

How are you my lovely peeps. Hope I meet you all in peace. As for y'all in Nija how are you coping with the fuel scarcity? That news made me tore up my move back to Nija plans o. Who's gonna queue in the scorching sun to buy fuel? No be me, mba. My yansh is staying in London for now.

Talking about yansh two guys are after my yansh o and I like them both so what do I do? If you guys dont answer me sharp sharp am gonna end up with two boyfriends o. See the two of them are different. One is 6ft 1inch tall and has the darkest beautiful skin I've seen in a while. Lets call him Tee. The other one I'm gonna call Kim is only about 5ft 6 inches tall (I think I tower above him just a lil) but he oozes the kind of sexiness I've not come across in a long time. Kim and I share more interests than Tee and I share and Kim is more socially & upwardly mobile than Tee. As in Kim and I can talk everything from politics to the latest sex position while at most Tee and I can talk Football and US foreign policy. 

They're both different but Kim speaks better English than Tee. Kim just reminds me of those kind of guys we used to trip for as Teenagers. All those ABC and Inexcess boys in UNILAG who act like they don't shyte! You know dem kind :) Looks like am still stuck in me teens, hehehe. Tee on the other hand has a swagger that makes me wet my pants but he cant kiss to save his life. Dude cant even bloody open his mouth properly. But Kim is a very good kisser. Yes I know I kissed them both. I have to now, it's all part of the test.

If one were to place them on a scale from what I know of the two of them so far I think they're square which is where the dilemma lies. I could go for Tee cos I have a weakness for tall dark guys and he seems well grounded but then Kim's intellectual ability is something I cant ignore plus he's ever so sweet. Oya guys put on ur thinking caps o I want answers.

Ciao for now!


Danny BaGucci said...

Guess you can't have everything in one bundle - you priroitize what the critical criteria are and finnd the best fit.. I dunno..

Zena said...

it seems ur leaning towards Kim already, read the post and see how many times you called Kim's name

I'm a sucker for an intellectual, So I'd tell you to go for Kim, but we cant pick for YOU, only YOU can

And if you dont want Kim, you can toss him this way. Thank-you lol

Funms-the rebirth said...

hmmmmmm..... can Tee improve his kissing skills?????? thats important my dear friend.... u and Kim have more interests.... and he speaks better so maybe hes more just saying...:)

ShonaVixen said...

Ehen my the proof is in the pudding, pudding being the kiss..LOL!!
Girl, who did you say you communicate with the most?The ability to talk about anything and everything is very important...but you see like Zena you have to make the decision yourself!!
M a sucker for tall guys, so if you no want the tall one, m game..LOL...

mizchif said...

Well....hmmm....this is a little dicey, but....... as for me, i doesn't play when it comes to kissing, so 80 points for Kim. I like to wear heels even when i'm going out with my man, and not "tower" over him, so -20 points for Kim and Plus 40 for Tee.

But i like mental stimulation as well, infact i think that is very key, plus i don't even chat football anyway, so in the end, i think i'll just go with Kim and learn to wear kitten heels (i'm definitely not going to wear flats!)

ibiluv said...

The guy with intellectual ability who kisses like a dream is the one i'd pick............

but then again...the choice is yours...............

Ms Sula said...

Miss Parakeet... You haven't said the most important things o! Who seems to like you most? Who is the more generous? Who is more interested in your life/knowing you? What are their past dating lives looking like? Who seems more mature in those matters? Who communicate bes, expresses himself more?

Apparently you are attracted to Kim but feel like he won't meet the general "approval"... and you are attracted to Tee for his potential "good-on-your-arm"ness... The kissing test is an important one... Kissing doesn't improve.

More importantly: who makes you feel all fluttery inside when you see their names on the phone?

Good that you're dating again!

Tigeress said...

You too have a weakness for tall dark skinned guys? lol!! I guess all we women do.

Sweety, you havent said much about their personality. How do they treat you, how do they talk to you, are they Christians? But based on what u've said- Kim sounds better. But 5 bloody 6!!! Thats my height and thats SHORT!!!!

Meanwhile I hope they are both single. lol!!! u know how gangsta those London boys can be. :)

Na u dey enjoy o! just thot of it- kissing 2 guys. I am jealous- i don't even have half of one to kiss. Hehehehehe!

H2O-works said...

football and US foreign policy...oti ooo....Tee needs to get on blogville to diversify his conversation seriously, from the way u described Kim, he seems image conscious and playa capable..I have heard of playas turning in their playa cards, but I can't really say the same for the likes of Tee if u knw wat I mean...but in the end it is all up to u...are u ready to add more spice to Tees life and loosen him up a bit, or are u willing to take that leap of faith and try to "tame the shrew"..u decide

Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen said...

na wa o for u dis babe ..u kissed dem both be honest fromt he sound sof it u seem to like Kim better

Mineexclusively said...

Kim all the way. Take it from a 5ft 11inch sista.

Nice Anon said...

cannot kiss? Can anyone else say NEXT!

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

well i think u wrote a lot about kim than u did about tee, so looks like u already made up ur mind girl. abi? *wink*

Anonymous said...

"...ur thinking caps..." haba, for this quiz. Comm'n, even you know you should go for Tee but, you need a couple of support (oops, excuses) so you can go for Kim.

QMoney said...

I was going to ask that hope u weren't leaving this blog totally cos u left a comment at mine with "Scoops"
So as for d matter at hand,this work am doing for you is hard oh.

TDB a.k.a Tall dark and handsome
has got swagger
well grounded

Short and sexy
Similar interests to gist about
speaks better English
Socially and upwardly mobile
Can kiss

So do me a favour,i have written out their good sides,give each point a score on a scale of 1-10,ensure the total adds up to 10 then we'll take it from there

Anonymous said...

hmmmm.... short is not always a bad thing - seems to be the only thing you have against kim. so there must be something else about tee you are feeling, because "na swagger you go chop?"

Trybes said...

Take a dig for Kim...Just like most people already said,, he seems to have gotten the nod from you from the mere mention of his name a couple of tymes that the tall dude..

Yet,its still your go for what makes you the most happy!

Arewa said...

You sound like u like Kim more. It is very important that u can talk to your guy about anything, esp sex, and be urself around him. You're such a badass for kissing them both! How a guy kisses is very similar to his btwn the sheets keep that in mind.
And don't let the fuel scarcity keep u from moving back. I'm in lagos and I haven't queued for 1 day since the thing started. You park your car, apply lip gloss and walk to the back of the gas station, ask for the manager and work ur magic...they will bring ur car in through the exit and u give the manager ur card! Finito!

Parakeet said...

@DB…I know I cant have everything in one bundle and that's where the dilemma lies. I think I'm just gonna continue to see the two of them platonically to see who stands out the most.
@Zena…I kind of get that feeling too but it may be because I met Tee before Kim so all that initial gragra still dey, lol. Is it only Kim you want? Tee is not bad too o so I'll toss whichever I decide ur way. Hahaha.
@Funms…Tee cannot improve kissing. Once you suck in the act you suck forever. It's not like sex o. Ehn both are presentable o. While Tee may not sway you with his verbal skills (not that he's that bad o) he would with his mere presence.
@Shona…I know right. Kissing is so up there. I communicate more with Kim because I think we have a similar outlook to life and perhaps have the same sort of upbringing. So I identify with him mostly but then I'd like to believe am very well rounded in life so I can connect with Tee too. I think we'd have to ballot this in the end since they both seem neck and neck.
@Mizchif…kitten heels now that's funny. I love my heels too but it has finished my feet so perhaps its time to hang them and go with something more modest. But mehn I prefer a guy that is taller than me at least. Even if its by an inch. Am still thinking sha.
@Ibiluv…I know right. He just seems to have the right package there but he's short, chubby and he's a bit too smooth.
@Ms Sula…I just gbadun you sha. They both seem to like me but Tee used the M word which sort of put me off cos it's early days. So its either he's not savvy enough to know girls like me don’t fall for that or he's just down right desperate. I don’t know who's more generous yet but I feel if I asked Tee for something he wont say no but Kim dines me more than Tee does and I feel he'll meet my needs more without me asking. He's Ibo so that's their way. Tee's past dating life is shyte which is one down against him. He was unable to give me tangible reasons for breaking up with his ex while Kim had been in a steady relationship for the past 3 years and they only broke up 3 months ago. Now that's scary because there's a chance he may go back or something sha because he said they just grew apart and they both knew the relationship had run its course. It was a mutual break up apparently. Tee is always asking about my plans for the nearest future while Kim on the other hand seems to just want to take things slow and we don’t seem to have talked abt the serious stuff yet. I don’t particularly see it as a bad thing cos its early days but then it could mean something. Couldn't it? Its hard to tell who is more mature but Tee is older while Kim seems more open to talk about stuff than Tee. Tee is evasive almost like he's hiding something which is contrary to his I'm down for a serious thing attitude. I think am attracted to both for different reasons but am not sure am worried about approval just that if I date Kim it'll be a departure from the sort of guys I've dated physically. Only physically I must add. I guess that's where my hesitation lies plus he's only a year older than me which means long thing (girls you know what I mean). As for fluttery, trust me after the first date all that goes away, all those flutter thing I left aside a few years back, lol.
@Tigress…hmm, there's something wrong with us women and TDH men o and na dem dey lie pass, lol. I havent's said much becos there's not much to them. Tee is Muslim by the way and Kim is Catholic and that's fine by me. I do both, lol. Am not so caught up with religion. As long as they pray, love God and treat their fellow humans right them am fine. They both claim they're single but you never really know these stuff, do you? until later so that's why am gonna play this platonic thing for as long as I can drag it on for. Enjoy ke, I was just testing them ni o.
@H20…Tee get on blogville? You must be joking me. The only writing he does is when he's writing his health reports, lol. Actually both Tee and Kim are image conscious and I think Tee is more so sef. I've never seen an overgrown beard on Tee while Kim sometimes spots the odd stubble. I could say two of them could pass as playas cos they got different things going for them that could charm many a girls. Oh I don’t know jo.As for loosing Tee up a bit, I don’t do that o. Accept him the way he is or move on. I really am too lazy to bother with stuff like that.
@MissFly…I had to now. I love a good kisser but I guess I could make do with a bad one if he makes up for it elsewhere.
@Nice…lol, that's so final.
@Optimistic…hmm, maybe maybe not. Actually I want BOTH!
@Rethots…ever so cynical. You still dey blogville? I thot you packed up. We shud catch up and play some more scarbble. Why do you think I shud go for Tee?
@Q…you sharp sha. Looks like Kim has more points but kai!
@Kmplx…been trying to tell me sef that but then he's also on the chubby side. I forgot to add that one sef. I no too like short and chubby jare. But you're right sha, na swagger I go chop. Still thinking.
@Trybes…yea it seems I fancy him more but these days its not just about fancy is it? There must be substance to go with it. We'll see sha.
@Arewa…bad sister, you’re gonna be my best friend if I ever move back to Lagos. You can teach me the ropes…wink* And the kissing, you know how we do it now. I still dey think. Will let you know when I make up my mind.

Afrobabe said...


*putting on my thinking cap…hmmmmmm you wrote plenty about Kim oh…obviously we know where the fire for that one is burning you…lmao…

Now I have to dodge you after writing this..

Why exactly cant you keep both??

scribble, said...

mehn...enjoy yourself...if u want 2 boyfriends, have two boyfriends..hehe..i play..just figure out what is important to u and go with it

FFF said...

Kim abeg! what r u doing with a man who can't kiss!!!!!!!

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LoloBloggs said...

Sounds like Tee is getting plus points because he is tall and interested in you (the ego stroker factor), but Kim has the qualities you're genuinely attracted to. If Kim was taller, I'm pretty sure this debate would not be taking place, I lie?!

I'm curious, do they know about each other?

AnyaPosh said...

babe if you're not looking for a long thing..I think Kim is MR. RIGHT NOW. But Tee does sound more grounded. I dunno you wey dey inside tori. Abeg..who said having 2 men was a crime?! Guys do it all the time, so babe no shakin, have them both on a no-long-thing levels till you've finished the test-drive.

Jayla. said...

it seems u r leaning towards Kim already, am not sure about towering over a guy tho. However i will always go for the better kisser.

If i was in this situation i wouldn't be in a hurry to make a decision. Who says a girl cannot handle two men who their combined efforts make them perfect? u get tall, dark, good kisser, intellectual, good communicator and every other thing u need.

U go girl

Anonymous said...

am with danny on this cant have it all...who do you sincerely think is the best fit for you?

Parakeet said...

@Afrobabe…if I catch you ehn. Cant keep both biko. Not sure I can handle two men.
@Scribble…one boyfriend na yawa let alone two. Me thinks I'll let time take care of things. Cant be asked really. We'll see who weathers the storm
@FFF...shege, Tee rogo. Ok Madam!
@Lolo…you nailed it on the head. He's short and chubby plus he's too smooth.
@Anyaposh…bad gurl. Truth is I want something steady and long term that's why I have to get this right. And having two men is beyond me. I no get power. Wish I could though.
@Jayla…what are you women turning into ehn? Lol. I cant handle two men o. I have to make up my mind sooner rather than later otherwise I'll find myself losing out on both. On reflection that may not be a bad thing jare.
@Pink…Yea Dan is right. I think Kim is the right fit but can one trust a man as smooth as him? I doubt.

juiceegal said...

Abeg go with kim jo..seems like the perfect guy 4 u..only prblm is the height,that means u wld have 2 fashi ur heels on the real only u can actually make taht decision,but 4rm all what uv said i think u prefer kim,i wld say just go with the flow.Its easier 4 us 2 give u advice cuz we r nt d ones in the situation,put ur thinkin cap on and think very well,let us know what u decide o,i like gist o.1st time here,love ur blog.

LusciousRon said...

What else are you waiting for? Kim is d guy! Na height you wan chop?
How can a guy not know how to kiss. If I had a bf like that I know I will die of frustration. And you can talk about everything what else is there?

wordmerchant said...

i am on Kims side...he sounds more like he is rocking your boat, take time, think about it, weigh out both guys good and bad points and always follow your gut instincts..good luck xxx

Writefreak said...

Hey...see me i will say you should sit down and write down what you really NEED in a man, look at the two of them and see who has the most sister, only you can make that decision o! It's not all about the looks o!
May you make the right decision

aloted said...


i'll say go for GOOD supercedes anything else..

meanwhile is either of them a Christian..not by mouth o? am assuming that is a criteria for u?

FFF said...

Mba oh, parakeet, u r being a bit hard on Kim for being a smooth talker. abi, na u carry ur mouth talk say he no tall. eh hen na. since dude knows he's disadvantaged, won't u expect him to make up 4 his losses in other areas. If if he discovers he's a talents with words, abi won't he maximize dat?

taller men have less 'courting' to do with chicks, cos their height just attracts d babes. unfortunately, some of them don't put a lot more effort into keeping d babes interested. d height-challenged have 2 work quite harder, 2 make sure their women r not looking with longing at taller dudes & feeling embarrassed by them.

frankly, 4rm d way u detailed out d dudes with Ms Sula, Kim has my vote. Wot u need 2 do now 2 separate d chaff 4rm d wheat with all his talk-talk. I believe wen a woman really listens 2 d things her man is saying, as in really listens, she can tell weda he is truth-worthy or not. daz d disadvantage in dating the 'silent type'. Yeah, it's romantic, but really u r working mostly on assumptions - which doesn't work out very well in marriage. 4 d fact dat u feel Tee has something to hide, is a major NO-NO for me.

FFF said...

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Smaragd said...


this is such a dilemma, par. pele.

I would take the short intellectual guy any day, i mean, he's not only cute , but well spoken, CAN KISS! and is sexy! what else are u waiting for? plus upwardly mobile!

and believ me, i also like tall dark guys, my last one was 6'4 and stunning! see how much good thaat did...mchew. But that's my opinion, what's urs?

fuel scarcity is over and it wasnt so bad sef. pls come home! don't ask y i'm always asking u to come home o, cuz i dont, plus i should be leaving next year mysel...hehe.

Lady A said...

Roll the dice, lol.

Parakeet said...

@juiceegal…Everyone seems to think am holding a torch for Kim but can I blame you. I think u're al right so just maybe that's the way to go. Thanks for your advice sister and thank for visiting my blog.
@Luscious…hahahaha, no be height I go chop o.
@Word…thanks word…my gut instinct leans towards Kim for now.
@Write...sometimes I wonder abt this need thing. I need a lot of things in a man but I question their true relevance in today's world where getting a man has become a rather arduos task. Why not just go for the basics and work thru the rest? Am more interested in stability, security and relaibility than for instance sense of humour. But I no I need a man with a good sense of humour because I can be uptight sometimes. Does that make sense?
@Aloted…I hear u my sister, unfortunately I don’t belong to the school of good character only. My eyes must feast and my heart flutter, without that no relationship. Attraction and good character go hand in hand. To me one cannot be without the other. Their religion is of no basis to me either. God should be in her hearts and reflected in what we do. That's the way I go. Thanks for your advice sis.
@FFF…Hmm my sis u hit the nail on the head. Yea he may not be tall enough but I bet he makes up for it well enough.
@Sma…par??? Is that Ghana slang? Lol. I hear you jare, height don’t matter where other things are in place. Thank God fuel scarcity is over o. I do wonder about why u keep asking me but I know its cos u just have love for me. So where are u moving to?