Friday, 29 May 2009

OMG! I Chatted Up A Bloke

Hi my very peeps. Hope everyone is fine o. Well you dont have a choice, it's Friddaaaaaaaaaaay! So what's the reason for my excitement? It's simple, Parakeet chatted up a dude. As in I couldn't believe myself. It was on the Jubilee line platform and there was just me and him there. There was this uneasy air of silence around us and am like whaddaheck say hi, but I didn't. Instead I said "why are you so dressed up on a Friday"? He looked at me bemused but smiled and said "it's for work" so I asked him where he works cos work places dress down on Fridays. Turns out the reason he was all suited up was because he worked in bank. Oh well I know my chat up line was dull but eh you gotta give me credit for plucking up courage in the first place. In fact I did well for something I didn't intend to do in the first place...abi?

Anyway the rest was history jare. Found out he lived in the posher part of my neighbourhood, originally from Ghana and blablabla. At least he was gentleman enough to not let me ask for his number (Not that I was going to) but hey we parted with numbers when he asked. Am I gonna see him if he calls for a date? I dont know cos I have my hands full at the moment. You remember those two guys Tee and Kim, dont you? Dem still dey there o. I've been trying to jabo Tee but the guy dey persistent no be small so the battle continues.

Ehm... quick random question. Since there are more and more men these days lying about their marital status for the sake of some nookie I've been thinking it may be down to the fact that we now frown so much on polygamy. Of cos I may be totally wrong but hey it doesn't stop me from wondering that 'if guys had the clear choice to take second wives and so on as it was the norm back in the days, would they go outright and just do it rather than lie and cheat?' Please whatever your answer is must be backed up with reasons and inferences drawn from real life situations if possible. Thanks for being my panel of professors on this matter...hehehehe.

Abeg am outta here, enjoy your weekend lovely people.


scribble, said...

am i first?

scribble, said...

damn...anyway, kudos to you, I like it when a woman takes the initiative. tres sexy..

on your polygamy issue; i do believe a lot of men would, if given the option take several wives. Personally, I think it's just too much wahala.

There's 2 scenarios here:

1) they sync up and 1 week every month there's 2,3 or 4 women out for your blood.
2) they dont sync up, and as such your life is a living hell EVERY week.

I just don't see the upside.

scribble, said...

yay I WAS first!!

Anonymous said...

props for chatting up. i always chicken out at the last second...

anyways, i think you got a point there you know... gone are the days when it was share and share alike. but am pretty sure, people found something else to lie about sha.

no evidence, or specific examples... just plain ole opinion!

L-VII said...

Lol, I am totally tickled by how giddy you seem, I hope you enjoyed your chatting up session....

I think sex without responsibility is attractive to a lot of men and (increasingly, a lot of women too) they'd definitely take it wherever it is available.

Having multiple wives does not stop a man from cheating still, and the idea of being married to more than one person seem so odd to me.... I dunno


LoloBloggs said...

Major props! I'm insipired but not convinced, I need to be the woman dammit!

Just don't spend the next 4 months wondering if he really likes you or was being polite! :-s

Hell no, polygamy will NOT live here!

Tairebabs said...

thumbs up o! I wish I was that bold. So what name are we giving this guy...Jubilee? Ghana??

I don't think most men will want a second wive if giving the option. A lot of men love the thrill of sneaking around and like L-VII I said, sex without responsibility is attractive to most of them. I think it is a case of loving the shoe in the shop but not wanting to wear it as much when it is yours.

Tigeress said...

Heck yes!!! They will in a heart beat. Nasty individuals. lol!!

Nice one on chatting up the dude. He sounds nice. Keep us posted. Hehehehehe

Funms-the rebirth said...

hmmmm.......... i see what uve been up to miss confident! hope hes very fine sha

Vera Ezimora said...

You chatted up a guy? Oh, wow. Nne, major liver. I would be hyperventilating b4 I'm thru with my first line. lol

Debbie said...

Way to go, nothing wrong in taking the bull by the horn.
regarding polygamy, from what i've heard, most guys like the thrill but when it comes down to it, they can't handle the trouble having two women brings, they dream and talk about it, but really they don't want the hazzle.

ManCee said...

Nice 'pick up' line you got there. lol

Second helping of babes..maybe
Second WIFE!!!?Are you shitting me?
Everyone knows women change into 'near-ogres' (for a lotta reason, real +imagined) once the ring goes why would you wanna have 2 of those.(no offence intended)
I postulate, lets teach everyone..."YOU REALY DONT HAVE TO MARRY".
MAYBE chics would stop luring guys into unions that they later wanna get out of but are either too broke or otherwise chicken (I'm postulating...) they start hunting again...

juiceegal said...

Thumbs up to you...........u dint seem desperate.....i'm sure the guy liked that fact,u have liver o,nice

mizchif said...

Ah, babes, i sooooo wish i had the nerve. I saw this foine as hell dude on the northern line platform, and i even made sure i managed to sit next to him on the train, and Lord knows i kept stealing glances, but i just couldn't work up the nerve to say hi.

Goodluck with Tee!

ibiluv said...

yea i wish polygamy was still popular

we outnumber them

what do u expect them to do

kudos on chatting him up


QMoney said...

Hmmm,funny enough.that sounds familar to me.
that's how i and teju baby face became friends,we both entered a bus back then in unilag and the first thing i told him was "huh,so stars enter bus?"
then he had just acted in a movie and he was all so modest about how he wasnt a star...just one movie,he got down at my stop,carried my stuff for me and we are still pals......just dat d nonsense boy wont do my wedding for free now that he's a celeb!!!

Writefreak said...

You tried no be small my sister! It's not small thing chatting up a guy like that!

I am with scribbles on the polygamy thingy. I don't think men will take two wives's a lot of trouble...have you not heard, marry one woman, one wahala, two women, double wahala...right that's a jpke but they still wouldn't. Men that cheat just want to eat their cakes and have it.
I wonder if I know what I'm talking about cos I don't know any real life example o! lol
ps: i was going to send you a mail but noticed you don't have an email addy on your profile.

akaBagucci said...

One correct wife is a lot of action to manage..... Polygamy is a recipe for an early death, what with the constant quibbling and jostling for position....

Big ups for chatting up the dude....

So that makes it three dudes you're rolling with concurrently..... Awesome!

tobenna said...

Simply marry and let your wife know you will TRY to be as faithful as possible, but there is a slim chance some seducer might succeed....

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

its people like that we usually end up going far with, just take them one step at a time..ok

Olamild said...

I waz here

Parakeet said...

@scribbles…If I had given it a thought properly I would have bottled it but eh I did and am proud. So you think most men would take polygamy if they're given a chance but on the other hand wouldn’t because of the hassle?
@kmplx…thanks babes, e no easy o. Polygamy will always be a controversial topic I guess.
@L-VII…I did o plus he was very polite too so it made it all worth it. I see what you mean by sex without responsibility but what about those men that go on and have kids with other women they're not married to. Is that not responsibility?
@Lolo…lol at not been convinced. Don’t worry it comes with practice. As for him liking me, am not sure if am gonna hang around to find out cos bizarrely I didn’t chat him up cos I fancied him. I guess my mouth was just running and I had to speak, lol. I see polygamy is far from ur mind.
@Tairebabs…lol, we'll just call him the jubilee line dude. Perhaps we shud start calling men sneakers eh?@Tigress…you reckon? In this age of economic hardship let alone women's independence? Nothing to keep posted abt the dude o, not sure I'll be following up on him.
@Funms…he's alright but short. See me see wahala o.
@Vera…Hahaha, na real hyperventilating. Its not as difficult as that trust me.
@Debbie…thanks for your comment. Really who wants the cow when you can get the milk for free?
@Mancee…So you reckon my line was not weak? Gee, thanks. Hmm so you blaming the babes are ya? I don’t think women turn into ogres when they have the ring, I think they just stop taking the shit the man was throwing their way before they got him to say I do.
@Juicegal…kai girl I didn’t even think of the desperate side o. Lets hope he wasn’t putting on a front.
@Mizchif…lol, you crack me up woman. Good luck with Tee? Where did you get that from? Am jaboing him biko.
@Ibiluv…miss controversial, so will you be happy to be a second wife or your husband to marry another wife after you?
@Qmoney…you're friends with him? I gbadun that dude die. But him for nice small do your wedding now? How are the prep going sef? Good luck to you darling.
@Write…So you too support this double wahala myth. I don’t think so jare. Men are just trying to make us into what we are not. Lol.
@Bagucci…I see. Am not running 3 men o. The one I chatted up, I don’t intend to follow up cos I don’t fancy him. I just spoke to him for talking sake. The other two I'm already making preparations to drop for wider issues I didn’t write about. Still thinking though so we'll see.
@Tobenna…long time bro. Hope you cool. I think that's the best ojare afterall no one is perfect, ba?
@Optimistic…Hmm, if you say so, but I doubt o.
@Olamild...long time. How u dey?


Good for you! I am all for stepping out of one's comfort zone!

Anonymous said...

EVERYTHING COMES INTO THEIR OWN IN THE FULLNESS OF TIME. To achieve all that is possible you must attempt the impossible. To be as much as you can be you must dream of being more. Your dream is the promise of all you can become.

Hi, 1st time here...can't believe why.

Love the quote above. Excellent.

Re your question, I will not take another wife if given the opportunity. NO WAY.

1 is enough for me, thank you so much.

God bless

rayo said...

gud u moved out of ur 'comfort' zone.
personally, i think a guy who lies about his marital status is just a liar, plain nd simple, there is no justification. even if polygamy isnt frowned upon its not lyk in most cases they wanna make the girl a second yf or sumtn, he just wants to have sex wit her or sumtn. end of story

StandTall-The Activist said...

well, I know of some polygamists that still lie out there that they are not married, they have wives, yet they lie, so I dont think the men that lie abt being married do so cuz they dont have polygamy option.

Let's face it, most of them do it for the fun of it and a cheat and a lier cannot have any tangible reason for doing so in my opinion.

@ Tobenna: lol at you. Now you are accusing seducers which in my own opinion are women but these men that cheat are often the first to seduce and be hell bent on doing it. How do you justify that?

Anonymous said...

I really dont think polygamy would stop guys going after girls .. for most guys, its all about the thrill of the chase and conquer