Tuesday, 8 April 2008

...And the Earth Moved

I saw you first
I was waiting on the platform
You were alighting from the train
Our eyes met
My heart froze

It was a daily occurrence from then on
I purposely stay on the same platform
Just to catch a glimpse of you  
And a glimpse of you I did catch

My heart does a skip
Every time my gaze behold yours
I wonder if you feel the same
Oblivious of the multitude of people around us
I could feel the warm fuzzy feeling coursing through my body

My courage fails me
But I long for you to say hi
Wondering if you notice me at all
Wondering if you feel what I feel

Today I got my chance
Suddenly all was gone
There was just me and you
Within inches of each other
My heart jumped in joy

I opened my mouth
But nothing came out
All I felt was the lump in my throat
The music on my iPod had suddenly stopped

Then I saw your lips move
Did he say hello?
My innocent brown eyes looked at you
Inquiring and willing you to say something 

Nothing came
You passed me by
My shoulders slumped in dejection
I looked back at you
With eyes welled in tears

Our eyes locked again
I thought I saw your lips coil in a smile
And a faint sparkle in your eyes
Or did I not?

Guys I wrote this a while ago for a bloke that used to make my heart flutter at the train station but whom I never had the courage to walk up to. My normal self would have walked up to him to have a chat, but at 8 o'clock in the morning while everyone is trying to find their way to work, that is hardly an ideal time to exchange chit chat with a stranger who may even knock you back. Has anybody ever found themselves in this perplexing situation? How did you deal with?


Honeywell said...

awwwwwww, this is soo sweet!!!!

Nah, i can't say i have experienced such, but knowing me, even if i did, i wouldnt say anything about it... was this a long time ago?

Ollay said...

@ Honeywell...yes indeed. I had to go dig it from my work email to post. The guy used to seriously mess me up when I see him. I really dont know what is was but am thankful all that feeling is over. It was hell feeling all those things and u cant even reach out to touch him...Gosh!

Afrobabe said...

lmao...u dey love random stranger for station???

Make our new darling no read this thing oh...

Naaaa...I always got spoken to or changed target....

Charizard said...

lol...ehyah....somebody had a crushi ooooo...

...hmmn it has happened to me more than once....

NikkiSab said...

well I did av a crush on dis guy wen i was younger and it was in church. Every sunday I would look me best so he would notice me and really he did after some yrs he spoke to me and we dated for 3 yrs but now we r close friends n laff wen we rmbr my extra effort to stand out and yet b tongue tied. hehehe Youth!!

guerreiranigeriana said...

whoa!!!...you have seriously updated...i'll be back to read in the morn...must...get...sleep...

Jaybabe said...

jSo inspiring. Wish i cud write something like this. Beautiful.

It happened to me one time when i went clubbing. I'll be there on the dance floor, he''l be there by the bar counter. Everytime i'll look, he'll be looking.

He came to the dance floor, danced far away from me. Me? I made my moves towards him ooo! Coz his pinkish lips were visible thru the lights. Coloured, shorter than me, eish his smile..God!

So..yah we danced together....

Sasuke said...

yeah i have had such an xperience before.honestly its very dicey cos you don't want to walk up to the person and be blown off but trust me its ususally worth it when you do.

try to chat him up next time.it doesn't matter how short your conversation is but the most important thing is that you have created a platform for communication.

La Reine said...

Lovely poem.
And yeah, I've been dere. Tis great when the feeling is over :)

Naija Chickito said...

Nah. Nothing like this ever happens to me. All my crushes have been friends of mine. Or people that I havd to talk to for one reason or the other.

Such a sweet write-up.

Standtall said...

Hey Ollay,

thanks for visiting my blog. Thanks for the wonderful comment!!!

Nice Peom, trust me, I have being in so many situations like this even though not totally similar to yours but I have being having crush since I was 11!!! (Lol).

Think I told 2 of the guys (lol). Dont ask me the outcome!!!

the young nigerian virgin said...


very nice poem. it really paints d true pic. mehn it has happened to me,a guy i always saw in church can u imagine me?...lol

doll said...

well its never happened to me...but if i liked someone that much..i guess i'll probably find a way to talk to him, and see where it goes from there

Ollay said...

@Afrobabe…lol…you no see my life so…am sure my new darling will understand that it was long before he came into my life.
@Charizard…it was probably the most difficult to deal with crush in my whole life…thank God its over
@Nikkisab…church, hmm…how unholy of you…lol, at least something good came outta it
@Guerreiranigeriana…Oh yea I've been bust…lol. No problems sha…sweet dreams
@Jaybabe…Thanks for the compliment. Looks like am the only coward in the house who cant makes moves, lol
@Sasuke…You understand my fear exactly but thankfully there's no next time as this happened a long time ago
@La reine…thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to know am not the only love bird around, hahaha!
@Naija Chickito…Lucky for some…wish I had as much charm as you
@Standtall…11???? Bad girl but I share your trait. My first crush was when I was 8 on the Bishops son…the guy is dead now may his soul rest in peace.
@The Young Nigerian Virgin…Thanks for reading my blog…looks like we are all bunch of sinners. Having crushes on innocent boys in church…LMAO!
@Doll…I guess I was incapacitated because the timing and setting was just wrong.

tobenna said...

smile at him
very simple, but always works.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...


nice write up

soupasexy said...

i had the biggest crush on my neighbour once, it was crazy...but he had a girl. so i just crushed silently...lol

Olamild said...


see love o

guerreiranigeriana said...

shei i was like you o!!!...i couldn't even look at him...in my case, we were actually on the train...i would already be seated...he would enter a few stops later...i would just enough to see if he had come that day...before he could see me looking for him, i'd avert my eyes to the window and stare at him from there...

...oh i would talk and talk about all things i wish he would tell me or that i would do to him...but when he arrived on the train, i couldn't even meet his eye!...i'm no help...sorry;)

Sting said...

Ok, i no read the poem cos poems give me the heebie jeebies. I took an irish lit class last semester that made me discover my hatred for poems. When my science oriented brain was forced to be interpreting Yeats and joyce, i had a melt down.

I love the name of ur blog though cos i have 2 that are noisy as heck.

Be silent said...

This is so sweeeeeeet but now you need to walk up to him and say wats up

Aijay said...

I've never been in such a situation. Hmm... I wonder what I would have done if I was u.

Jaycee said...


Maybe pray that u'll meet him again when coming back from work in the evening...cos it's true. Mornings are bad for this kinda thingy...lol.

Jaycee said...

...or better still, follow Tobenna's advice...I love it.

"Just smile at him...always works."

tankojjetty said...

this is really good...
emmm...how do u guys do it...lol
anyways thats entirely what my blog is about...
making sense out of relationships...

ollay, would you like to chat?...my yahoo id is kehindebadejo@yahoo.com...
trust me its business...blogging business...lol

Ollay said...

@Tobenna...yea I thot about that but was too timid to carry it out
@Zephi...thanks. How bodi?
@Soupasexy...eeya, poor you...at least you didnt crush to death. Lol. Am digging that your new display image.
@Olamild...is this what they call love? Ahh! Na sufferness o...lol
@GNaija...yes, that's the way I felt too. After he's gone I start to have a go at myself for not saying hi or at least smiling.
@Jaycee..I dont pray to meet him again o. My Fiance wont approve. Thanks for visiting my blog.
@Tankojjetty...na e dey start soon it will turn something else...lol. Just kidding. Will add you...after all we be fellow IJ pple.

princesa said...

I know that feeling.
Very familiar
Sometimes you're there feeling someone who doesnt even know if you exist,lol!

Doja said...

I hope I do not have a crush on anyone like that, the last time I did we got married!

Jarrai said...

Awwwwww. This is so sweet. I haven't had a crush like this since high school....then when the boy looked at me, it literally gave me the shakes...or was that my raging hormones?

Nice poem, well written

Favoured Girl said...

Awww, that was sweet. I've had crushes on guys but they've all been people I can talk to anyway.

OluwaDee said...

9cly written.

Never had that experience.

NigerianDramaQueen said...

This kind of sounds like wha James Blunt went through before he wrote his hit "beautiful".
Gosh I've never been in this situation so im sore for ideas.

Naapali said...

Most crushes of this sort die sudden deaths once you make contact with the crushee. Usually as soon as they open their mouths and the words don't sound like you played them in your head.

Naapali said...
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anonymous gal said...

enyah. i hope ur fiancee does not visit here o else...u would have to write a poem 4 him too. seriously that was a swit one.

Ollay said...

@Princesa…you right, that's the most difficult part to handle
@Doja…aww…how sweet
@Jarrai…raging hormones, LMAO! Thanks for stopping by
@Favoured girl…lucky you, at least you had the chance I didn’t. Thanks for reading my blog
@Oluwadee…then you will never have an idea how deflating it can feel. Thanks.
@NijaDramaqueen…James Blunt?…perhaps I can write a song and make millions too, lol. Thanks for stopping by.
@Naapali…Hmm…you could be right though cos people tend to have so much expectations from situation like this.
@Agirl…honestly he read it but he said he believes I wrote it for fun…hmm I should be careful with that man. You're right, I shud write a poem for him too…how you been?

Smaragd said...

this is a really sweet poem Ollay. i've had a similar experience too o, but lazy me never thot to pen it in such a sweet way.

Free-flowing Florida said...

love d sound of dat

& yeah it did happen 2 me, 4 three years i raced 2 my window 2 catch a glimpse of him. @ d end of d 3 years, we excahnged meaningless yarns maybe a total of 5 times. den d day we spoke d longest was d end he took my virginity away. 2 months later, i decided i've had enough of dat infatuation & moved on

totally not worth it, all those emotions i carried wit me 4 so long

ablackjamesbond said...

I can definitely identify with this. If i had written a poem abt them, guess would have written like 3...lol...

Lovely poem.