Thursday, 17 September 2009

Just Remiscing

Life can be so familiar today, becoming a stranger tomorrow
It could kick you in the backside
You may land falling face flat on the ground
Or it may catapult you into an atmosphere of euphoric existence
How could one ever prepare for life?
Irrespective of one's evolving experiences
Life remains unravelling
Experiences could shape you
But life could either dissolve those shapes or remould them as it wishes
It could blow you from pillar to post with strength more than that of a whirlwind
But it could also comfort you like a baby cocooned in the shawl of its mother's embrace
Life deals you surprises beyond your comprehension
Some you can handle and some completely throws you
Life leaves you a wonderer and sometimes a wanderer
You start the day with a knowing knowledge of yesterday
But unknowing of what lurks in the future
Life leaves you positively and negatively breathless
It drains your energy yet infuses you with optimism for the future
Life is all things that is reality
It is all things that lives in the recesses of your mind
All things imagined and lived
Life is what it is
I will embrace, live it and love it.


doll said...

bn a while

ShonaVixen said...

first???..damn comment moderation!!

Tigeress said...

embrace it, live it and love it. Thats the way to handle it.

Nice one me dear!

Sugarking said...

This is just sweet! nice blog by the way. My first time here I think.

Myne Whitman said...

Nice one! Welcome back.

TRYBES said...

Really thought provokin..Good job woman!

Funms-the rebirth said... it as it comes

misspumping said...

Yes o this life is for leaving . Never know when u r going to meet The Maker all i can say is enjoy but be good .Cos you loose nothing from being good

akaBagucci said...

Life... happens... we need to get used to it....

blogoratti said...

Life's what you make it. Live it a daya at a time...

Doja 2.0 said...

Me Too!

ibiluv said...

yes o

i love life!!!!!!!!!!


nice one, babe.

How are you?!

Tisha said...

truth was/is the word of God.

musco said...

d beauty of peotry!