Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Thankful Wednesday

I have a lot to thank God for
For every breathe I take confirming that I have life
For the unflinching support from my family
For the friends that are true friends
For the love I share with someone special
For my job
For my lovely colleagues
For all my Blogville/Facebook/Twitter friends
For lost friends both alive and those sleeping in the Lord
For family far and near
For the body of Christ
For those who work behind the scenes to make the world a better place
For unexpected blessings
For the happiness of others and those shared with me
For optimism
And for so much more I cannot put into words
I thank the Lord God almighty.


akaBagucci said...

guess the simple things are often taken for granted.. whilst they are the very bedrock of existence...

LG said...

thank God for life
*swerrie how u

Writefreak said...

I join you in thanking God. He's to go do my own thankful Wednesday post...

ShonaVixen said...

hey girlie!!! Glad to see you actually posted!! I'm thankful for having met you!!!
and also thank God for all the mercies he shows us every day

Gee said...

AHAH...thankful 4 facebook nd twitter frends???how about blogsville friends nawwWW???
I love all these thankful postsssss!!!!!!

E-sermon on my blog...go nd be blessed!!!

Parakeet said...

@Bagucci...Indeed you're right. How u been?
@LG...Am ok love, long time.
@Write...Its been a minute we chatted. Hope you well my dear?
@Shona...yea I updated after like 100years, lol. Am glad I can call you my friend.
@Gee...pardon the oversight sister. I have corrected myself. Off to your blog.

FFF said...

hmmmm @ thank God for the love u share with a special someone. hmmmmm. who dat be, my sista. spill tori small na. LOL

lots of things to thank God for my dear. too many

Uzezi said...

thank God for that love u share with someone special, and for breath.

TRYBES said...

David won the heart of God through his constant praises..Hope you continue to have limitless reasons to praise him always..

Nice Anon said...

hawa antenna is up.. special someone huh? Amen to that.

Being alive today is enough reason to be thankful

aloted said...

long time no read!

ehn hen gist us naa..who is this special person...;)

it is good to be thankful!!!!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

i thank God for giving me an opportunity to meet u.....

Tigeress said...

Its important we thank God in all circumstances. Nice post my dear.

Myne Whitman said...

Thank God for everything, he is always good to us all the time.

Nice blog

Jide Salu said...

True talk akaBagucci. Never take anything for granted. Many sleep thinking it is automatic they have to wake up.

taKia and God bless

Dammy said...

I may not leave traces behind but I have been following your blog posts and I must say, I'm loving the spiritual undertone.

Hope you are good?

Tisha said...

i thought you were gone
good ti see you are still around