Thursday, 26 May 2011

The two worlds of Lagos

I have just returned from a short trip to Nigeria and it was fun. I met up with someone I've been longing to see and wasn't disappointed. I wish I had time to see many more people but there's always another time.

I've seen a few improvements in Lagos but I reckon BRF's accomplishment was overblown. I dare say though that where he's been a bit active, Akala has been comatose in Ibadan. Crying shame for Africa's purported largest city. I went to my home town of Ijebu-Ode and it was just so dusty. Why don't people paint their homes? A lot of people have moved into the small town and I particularly hated seeing those keke Marwa everywhere. I thought they were confined to Lagos only.

What I liked about Lagos was that it's cleaner and what I disliked most was the fact that it seems the mainland was forgotten and most of the improvements have been largely on the Island. Yes, I know Lagos is a class city but it is just too blatant that they continue to improve the Island so much for the rich and the improvements on the mainland is minimal. On the mainland where I stayed mostly, I saw a lot of angry and impatient people but I went to Shoprite and saw people acting as if they don't shit.

Anyway it is what it is...better some improvement than nothing. I did enjoy my visit to Nigeria though and hopefully I'll get to visit soon again and stay for longer.


ibiluv said...

nice to hear you had fun

shoprite shoppers dont fart

shit how????????

tobenna said...

Lagos is truly a class city.
What did you expect from Lagos? New York? :-)
I guess any type of jist about Naija is always stretched disproportionately (phew!) when outside the country.

StandTall-The Activist said...

May be Fashola achievement is not overblown to some of us who practically dread to live in Lagos but can now get to our destination with peace of my that the road is less congested and that thieves are hooligans have reduced from our roads, no major markets on our major roads again to mention a few. But a lot still has to be done!

You no tell me say u dey come Naija na?

doll said...

wow! nice to know you have fun. all the development on the island is not by the government though.