Friday, 10 July 2009

Fiddling With Fate

This is a hard subject for me cos am still a babe when it comes to spirituality and there are so many things I don’t understand. One thing I know however is that it is never advisable to peek into the future or a case or whatever.

This is what I mean. I know people who have gone to spiritualist who claim they see visions. I am not saying it is not possible to have visions but you know those ones that will describe some man you will meet, tall, dark handsome or whatever but they fall short of telling u exactly when and where you will meet him. And then you spend the rest of your life wondering if that tall dark handsome guy you met at the petrol station was the one that was foreseen or was it the one you met at the car park? Possibly the one at the supermarket until confusion kills your poor mind and you don’t know what you are doing anymore. My question is, why bother? Why don’t you just leave you life to fate or chance as it were and pray as you go along instead of seeking counsel or to be more archaic oracle.

A very close of friend of mine is currently tied in an unhappy marriage and too scared to leave because apparently the success he has today is tied to his wife. If he leaves he looses all. And in this day of credit crunch who wants to lose anything abi? How does he know this? He claims long before he met his wife they had prophesied that he would meet her and x and x will happen which has. Looks like brother hasn’t heard of familiar spirit. And while we're in the subject of Christianity and vision ask yourself does this vision tally with the word of God. So God will give you plenty of money and houses through this so-called woman but not someone that will make you closer to him? Does the bible not say seek ye first the kingdom of God and all things shall be added on to you? Even with this my inexperienced spirituality I know if it was God that really gave him that woman, then it wouldn’t be someone he doesn’t love and is so unhappy with, someone who will not help him grow spiritually and become closer to God.

There's only so much advise I can give my friend but as someone detached from the whole situation I can see the bondage my friend is in. Something he had brought upon himself by going to these so-called seers. If anything his situation has taught me even more to take a chance on life. Whatever happens happens and I know God's thoughts for me are thoughts of good and not of evil therefore I believe God will not bring tribulations my way that I can't overcome. Besides tribulations are there to develop our characters and we should not be afraid to seek God's face ourselves rather than go to seers. I hope everyone learns a thing or two from this.

Have a good weekend...xx


QMoney said...

me 1st????
well,well,well....what can i say???
My in laws to be actually "checked" as well,its a norm in their was negative for his 2elder bros but they claimed i was good......
They checked at a time i was even upset with him and wanted to leave...long story!!!

doll said...

this is the 3rd time this week…am hearing about farmiliar spirits…hmm…

tunrayo said...

I dont think its safe to be messing with fate and i support your theory of seeking God first. i like your attitude, i think people should learn from this really...nice post btw

scribble, said...

very well said

for all that has been, thanks.

for all that will be, yes.

live for the grace of God.

my mantra

Tigeress said...

eeemmm...... very interesting topic. Me i dont believe in all those spritualist cos really and truly their lives arent that colourful. Plus i dont believe God gives people the gift to see ur future.

Good discussion topic sha.

FFF said...

hi hi, longest time i was in dis blog! forgive me. i no run. Just kinda loosing interesting in blogging.

i have never been one who bothered abt seeing my future, cos i felt it takes d fun out of life! u know, d surprise of something happening dat u totally didn't think possible! Another reason is dat i don't want to know wen i'd die. LOL. I know dat like unrelated, but it really isn't. It's n seeing d future dat one day someone will just tell u, '& oh, u will die next week!' Mba oh. I like to see death as something dat won't happen to me until am really old. Daz how i intend to continue to see it.


Tisha said...

Tell your friend to make his marriage work
Christians don't divorce
and if he loved her enough to
marry her
he ought to love her enough to
stay with her.

Afrobabe said...

I just hate all that checking stuff...for all you know the spiritualist is just yarning dust...

Nice Anon said...

I know oo. A friend of mine now who is thinking of calling off her engagement had someone from Nigeria call out of the blue to tell her not to do anything drastic but to have patience. Me I don't know for all of that ooh.

~Sirius~ said...

What are they checking?


Your friend really seems unhappy, and if he's tying his success to his wife- bad move.

If he found her in the 1st place, he can find someone else- even if it's someone he has rendered his services to.

Unless he means to tell us that his clients only patronize him because of her, and not his services.

Love your thoughts on his situation though- I think you should share it with him

LusciousRon said...

I don't know for all these o! They usually leave you more confused.
He should pray and sek God's mercy.

NikkiSab said...

Na wa o!! I dont blive a persons wealth is tied to another person. Just like i dont bliv my happiness is in d hand of any MORTAL!!! Spirituality is quite a touchy topic but I beliv God gives a person to see dia OWN future and not some1 else to see another psns future. Just my thought.

Trybes said...

Wise thoughts Parakeet...Although i believe strongly in spirituality but I will never subject myself to the whims and caprices of a mere mortal like me who live uncolorful life to speak into my future just as Tigeress rightfully pointed out and i also subscribe fully to Parakeet saying seek first the kingdom of God and ALL things shall be added unto you..

Very lovely post..

Jaycee said...

People need to be careful about who tells them their future, because if God is kind enough to reveal it to someone else, somewhere in your intimacy with God He must have revealed it to you too. Words from others should be a confirmation of what God has already revealed to you.

You are right about him being in 'bondage.'

StandTall-The Activist said...

Hmmm, it's a trap in itself if you believe in stuff like this. It's better to be an unbeliever on these things...

ibiluv said...

all seers should be shot dead.........

Tisha said...

after me i fought and stayed after 6 months of thinking should i or should i not?
please stay
'i'll grovel if you want' and no one can ever get me to grovel so you must know you are special.
please don't go
did someone find you?
i don't give a hoot anylonger if someone's stalking me
i'll have em arrested on blogville, is there blogville police?

Please don't go, you have the chutzpah (guts) to stay

i love your blog, u can take a break if you want but don't go

and please no juju (i believe in Jesus and i trust His word)

i have been there, done that, the end aint good..h

Tisha said...

@ tigress
God does give people the gift to see the future, its called word of wisdom and he usually calls the shots, you can't say 'so can i get this necklace since that rich guy will be waiting to buy it for me on so so and so day' No. its usually for His purpose

Afronuts said...

How sad! Shows how careful we need to be when taking decisions.

The love of money is the root of all evil. He thought more of the money than his future.
And he listened to someone when he should have listened to his spirit.

Anonymous said...

Hmmnnnn, a big sigh.....

First and foremost, I am sorry to be very blunt here, but could you just tell your friend that he is dying. I mean, he is slowly committing suicide.

It starts from within before the manifestation.

He should find God for himself, thank God for Jesus who paid the price.

Seriously, there are repercussions to all actions, accompanied by growth.

The question is does he want to grow?

I feel for him though, if "HE" doesn't see it, there is nothing anyone can do.

Nice topic. Nice comments

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

Dont need to know my future
coz all things work for good for those who love the lord.
Knowing that God is in controll of my life is good enough for me.
dont believe in Spiritualists have no need to consult them, I've done alright just me and my God

LusciousRon said...

I demand an update! How are you doing?